Custom channels cannot figure out how to use them

I have made several attempts to figure out how to use The new custom channels capability. I have spent a lot of time going in circles on the website and cannot find clear-cut examples of how to do this. It would be great if you could either make a detailed description of how to do it along with perhaps an example, and or, perhaps a nice YouTube video.
in general, I find documentation is lacking in every function of this application. Not everyone is aIT geek.

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What custom channel(s) are you trying to add?
We can guide you step by step.

1: Open server in web browser

2: Add source

3: Custom Channels

4: Fill in m3u and epg settings and save

5: manage lineup

6: Search Channels to associate them. Click + icon

Custom Channels can handle a maximum of 500 Channels in a single playlist.

choosing between Pluto TV and plex, Which would stable channel lineup? Since these services seem to be growing all the time, would channel assignments change?
thanks very much for the step-by-step instructions, I will need to have someone with vision to help me set this up, since some of it is graphical.

If your only going to do 1 custom. Do Pluto. It's 300+ stations

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When I go to the Pluto website, in the address bar, I do not find a URL Address. How do I find that? It also seems like the entry by the electronic program guide wants some data, what do I put in.

You don't. That's not the information you enter.

Follow these instructions and these specific screenshots, shared above:

For Pluto use these addresses


Or these, work great with Pluto channels too:

STIRR channels are also listed there.


At long last, I have the poodle channels pulled in to the Channels application. The program guide for those channels only gives me content for the current program, nothing in the future. Is there something I need to adjust? Also, since I have added these additional channels, the application seems to crash relatively frequently.

I thank you very much for all of your assistance

any way to program data to populate the guide for these channels?

Server --> sources --> gear icon --> manage lineup --> Pencil icon next to station --> search for station

Each source is comunity maintained. Your milage may very

what would the syntax be if I wanted to add channels from tuby?

Tubi’s channels are here.

I haven’t found any associated guide data though, making it fairly useless for my needs, so I don’t bother with this particular integration with Channels DVR.

I found this epg on github. I have never tested it. This EPG is suposed to be a super combo epg for lots of stuff rolled into one.

It might or might not help. It might not.

I enjoy classic situation comedy, so from what I understand, tuby has a lot of that.