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Im sure this has been asked a million times, but can I move my TVE channels (or any channels for that matter) up or down in the guide?

No. The the 6XXX channels are reserved for TVE and free-to-air online streams.

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I dont mind them being in the 6XXX range, i just mean moving an individual channel around in the guide? So like putting all the sports channels to the top pf the guide then like news right after those??

This is the way to do what you want…


thank you :slight_smile:

Not certain this is a solution but in lieu of using Channel Collections, on each client I reordered my favorited channels on the On Now screen in the sequence I wanted them to appear in the guide. The channels appear in that order in only the Favorites guide. All other guides remain in their original 6000s order.


Favorites work well for one client. Favorites do not sync across multiple clients, channel collections would be the best way to go in this instance.

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good to know


I only have me and the wife to please so I'm good but thanks for the info

Yep, and just to make sure you understand what I mean by client each TV or device(phone, tablet etc.) is considered a separate client for your server. So if you favorite NBC on your living room TV it will not sync to your bedroom TV.

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I used to do that too, but it became a real chore to redo it on Every Single Client, until I discovered a massive workaround using Channel Collections.

I just made a new collection titled Favorites and hid the old one by going into the Clients page and scrolling down to the Global Client Settings. Under General>Live TV I checked the box next to Favorites Collection, then clicked Add Settings and turned off its tab.

Now Channels treats my new collection exactly like it did its old Favorites, except that the channel order syncs across all devices.


This is the way.

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Yes I played with it a little the last few days and its starting to make sense to me that collections is the way to go. I will be fully customizing my collections this weekend.

I don't want to overwhelm you, especially while you are getting everything started, but this post might help inspire your use of channel collections.


Thanks @kthomas1059 and @maddox

I will definitely look at this this weekend :slight_smile:

No need to worry about overwhelming me. I'm the type that once I get into something I go all in. I'm finding myself very impressed with this product and will likely aim to master it. Don't be surprised if you start seeing many more posts from me. lol


This works. I have done this exact thing for my mother who is in a nursing home and confused by more than a few channels - so I put them on a guide for her - and force the guide to her client TV.

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