Discovery channels / FS1 / FS2 / Big10 TVE error FIOS + WD PR2100

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Getting a "Cable provider authentication failed" on many Discovery TVE channels with FIOS. My season passes of Gold Rush and Bering Sea Gold were missing and I discovered this.

After trying to refresh source and download prerelease betas - I even deleted the TVE source and same error. Looks like some of the Discovery owned networks are passing authentication but do not work (AHC, Destination America, Motortrend etc)

• FIOS credentials work on Discovery website and Discovery app
• Using WD PR2100
• All green with troubleshooting checklist
• Logs: 23fbd4de-5c9e-47f8-aac2-10dbf836a7bf

Seeing the same thing here.

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Update: FS1 / FS2 / Big 10 same issue @tmm1 @eric

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I installed this on an M1 Max MBP and everything works fine. Is this related to the Chrome / WD PR2100 | PR4100 firmware issue?

I had the same and resolved the issue and I'm also on FIOS. What I found was Verizon was no longer accepting my account password pair for some channels. Real odd. I tried to logon to my Verizon account and discovered that my account and password where not working there. I had quite a fight with the Verizon password recovery yet managed to changed my password, put the new password into channels, tested on the Science Channel and when it worked rescanned all TVE channels and am now good.

I suspect they decided some of us with old passwords should change them.

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My password worked fine on a a different DVR setup setup on my MBP, app and website. I suppose my issue may be different. I am trying a different VZ password just in case. Thank you for the info.

Get the latest beta release if you are not running it. Then try re-authenticating for one of the problem channels. If that works, rescan all channels or fix one at a time.

I tried with another sub account login / password and got even less channels. Re-authenticating doesn't work either. I believe this has to do with WD PR2100 / PR4100 firmware + Chrome issue. I submitted a support ticket late last night with logs so hopefully they can look into it soon. Again, thanks for the input.

It appears the issue is that Chrome is reporting net::ERR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES when loading javascript on the login pages, which appears to be something that happens more on underpowered CPUs.

It's not clear to me what will be able to solve this. Has anyone had success rescanning a single channel?

This is the Western Digital PR2100 that you guys had the firmware bug with Chrome. Rescanning single channels does not work for me.

We have an idea for how to fix this issue.

Please update to the latest DVR pre-release and then run:

curl -XPOST http://<dvr-ip>:8089/providers/tve/chrome

Rescan another channel and then submit diagnostics again.

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It worked! Thank you!

I just performed a channel rescan (all channels) on my TVE source and my channels appear to be back and working. Any insight on what happened / ongoing issues?


It looks like the $TMPDIR was on a volume that was too small and caused the request to be aborted. Thanks for working on us to figure out how to fix it.

Anytime. Thanks for taking the time to work on it and figure it out.