Does Channels DVR+ work w/ the latest HDHR scribe quatro on ATV?

I use the tuners of the Scribe in Channels DVR and also run an instance of HDHomeRun DVR.

Are you running two dvr services? Is there a hdhr app for Atv os now or do you only play back on mobile devices. If so have have they improved the hdhr ui?

Yes mainly use Channels DVR ... You get a free DVR subscription when you buy the Scribe .. I use Android Phones Shield and Firestick no Apple products. The HdHomeRun ui still stinks.

So I take it the scribe models right now are useless for recording /playback on the ATV platform until. Apple allows the hdhr app since channels dvr is incompatible for recording to the internal drive? What about if you add an external or NAS to the scribe? Silicon dusts bid to use its dvr service exclusive to the scribe to compete...

The HDHomeRun DVR can also run on certain nas's .. I have it also running on my synology and Scribe ... it sees it as 1 DVR... It will record to the device with the most space.

I was intrigued by the scribe + channels dvr setup as a full service option on the ATV ( sans adding a ext/NAS). It seems like overkill to run two services with both external and internal storage options. Hopefully an update to channels dvr will solve the compatibility with the scribe models

The problem isn't on Channels end, it's on SiliconDust's. They have not exposed the filesystem of the Scribe (or Servio), so there is no way to really get files onto or off of the device. Also, they are closed systems with no information about the software running on them; think of them the same as the DVR STB from your cable company: you don't expect to be able to run Channels on that, so you shouldn't expect to run Channels on the Scribe.

2 major points against the Scribe/Servio:

  1. They are 100Mbps devices, not gigabit ethernet. While this isn't necessarily a problem, it can introduce bottlenecks (especially if you have a lot of different recordings going on at the same time). (In fact, they seem to be abandoning gigabit connections: the new Prime 6—if it ever arrives—only has a 100Mbps connection where the original Prime was gigabit. This is probably driven by their push to use their HTTP API for tuner access, which automatically filters based on virtual channels, instead of offering the full stream from a given frequency/channel.)
  2. They run SiliconDust's software. SiliconDust has shown time and again that, while they can make quality hardware, they seem to have no decent software skills. To further drive this point home, you only need to look at their recent "new UI" push, which is still barely beta-quality; also, their unwillingness to even consider a grid-based guide.
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Got it. So the HDHr SCRIBE model is NOT RECOMMENDED on the ATV platform at this time?

If you are using SiliconDust's DVR, it's definitely an option.

But Channels will not and CANNOT use the Scribe. It's only purpose and use is with SiliconDust's HDHomeRun DVR.

It is not. And neither is the Silicon Dust solution because they don’t have an ATV client.

If you are ATV, it’s best to get a Duo or Quattro and a mini pc and use Channels.

How does InstaTV Pro support playback of recordings on SiliconDust SCRIBE devices? SD must have an API or InstaTV reverse-engineered the protocol?

SD provides a JSON file on the Scribe/Servio with the HTTP URIs for downloading/streaming recordings. Metadata for these files is stored in the first few bytes of the transport stream; I believe some of the metadata is also available in the JSON file, but I don't have a device to check what additional information might be available with a simple GET.

Channels could probably add support for viewing these recordings (as they have for their pre-alpha support for imported recordings), but they cannot use the devices for storing Channels' own recordings.

This makes sense, thanks. I understand that SD doesn't allow others to store on the Scribe/Servio. It would be nice if Channels supported reading the recordings, since the UI/UX is so much better than InstaTV or the HDHR app. It would be even better if SD also exposed a way to set things to record & Channels exposed it.

That's unlikely to happen, as the Servio/Scribe are purpose-built appliances for SiliconDust's competing DVR product.

Well that's disappointing, after going through the trouble to have a gigabit network here. Are there any reasons for wanting the Prime 6 over grabbing a previous Prime or two off eBay?

It's a matter a personal preference, I suppose. Be aware, though, that components for the original Prime are no longer manufactured, so the existing stock is all that there is. Repairs beyond replacing the power adapter are impossible, so future problems will probably necessitate buying new hardware.

Although, this discussion is essentially moot, as the Prime 6 has been essentially put on hold. Your only options for CableCARD tuners are the original Prime, old (and buggy) Ceton InfiniTV tuners, and the Hauppauge WinTV-DCR tuners; all three manufacturers are no longer making CableCARD hardware for the market presently. If SiliconDust releases the Prime 6, then that will change.

Thanks @racameron, that's clear and it's interesting to learn about the old Hauppauge tuners. The SiliconDust guys are trying to reassure us that work continues on the Prime 6. But if they keep missing targets and/or having the chips and componets rug pulled out from under them, all the best intentions in the world won't get it done.

I'm assuming they must have come up with an update since Oct, as I am currently using the HDHR Scribe with Channels DVR and having no problems - works great.

You can use the Scribe's tuners with Channels; you cannot use the Scribe's—or Servio's—storage with Channels. So, if you are not using SD's DVR, there is no purpose to spend the extra on the Scribe, when a Connect will get you the exact same experience for $80 less.

Only SD's DVR can make use of the hard drives in the Servio/Scribe; they are not accessible to third-party software.

(I apologize if my previous post was misleading or incomplete. Also, I believe I was thinking of the Servio, which doesn't even have a tuner which could be used by Channels, rather than the Scribe. Again, sorry for the confusion/error. But since the OP was specifically asking about using the Scribe's hard drive with Channels, I see where the error arose.)


Thanks for the reply/clarification on that. No apologies necessary, actually I should be and it was a misunderstanding on my part. I believe that also answers a question I was going to ask in another post, about the possibility of using the Channels standalone app (no DVR - UI only) in combo with the HDHR Scribe's DVR/storage). Thanks again, your explanation made it clear and concise.