Does Channels DVR+ work w/ the latest HDHR scribe quatro on ATV?

I'm assuming they must have come up with an update since Oct, as I am currently using the HDHR Scribe with Channels DVR and having no problems - works great.

You can use the Scribe's tuners with Channels; you cannot use the Scribe's—or Servio's—storage with Channels. So, if you are not using SD's DVR, there is no purpose to spend the extra on the Scribe, when a Connect will get you the exact same experience for $80 less.

Only SD's DVR can make use of the hard drives in the Servio/Scribe; they are not accessible to third-party software.

(I apologize if my previous post was misleading or incomplete. Also, I believe I was thinking of the Servio, which doesn't even have a tuner which could be used by Channels, rather than the Scribe. Again, sorry for the confusion/error. But since the OP was specifically asking about using the Scribe's hard drive with Channels, I see where the error arose.)


Thanks for the reply/clarification on that. No apologies necessary, actually I should be and it was a misunderstanding on my part. I believe that also answers a question I was going to ask in another post, about the possibility of using the Channels standalone app (no DVR - UI only) in combo with the HDHR Scribe's DVR/storage). Thanks again, your explanation made it clear and concise.

The Channels app for live TV—not the Channels DVR app—will indeed work as a frontend/UI for the Scribe's tuners. However, it will not work as a frontend for SiliconDust's DVR which records onto the Scribe.

(It does indeed get confusing with so many combinations and similar names, so no apologies needed. Good luck with whatever you had planned.)

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Thanks again!