DRM Channels

Does anyone know how to convert DRM to HLS and will channels ever support DRM?

There's tons of posts about this topic. You have to have a key to play back the video. Channels will need to get certified to playback the protected content through their app. At the moment there are no external tuners and or software that is allowed to play the content back. Hopefully soon they will be able to.

Below is a link to A3SA.


You may find this thread interesting.


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If they were to add DRM, pricing would need to be raised to cover the cost.
This is why folks are doing the Streamlink and the HMI for channels stuff.


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can you put drm in a stream link? What is HMI?

Stream links launch external apps that stream the desired content. You have to manually switch back to Channels when you're done watching.

He meant HDMI: HDMI for Channels

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Off topic but when I finish watching I simply click the back button on the Siri ATV remote and the Streamlink app closes and channels is open to the guide where I opened the link. I don’t need to use the app switcher.

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What app is playing the streamlinked content in your example?

The few I use the most are Bally Sports, Starz and any of the NBC Universal networks (I use only the NBC app to access all of them) I will add it doesn’t work 100% of the time but I’d say 9 out of 10 it does.

Here is a workaround to play DRM stations:

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