DVR access Failure Need help

Need Help ,
I got a Mac Mini (early 2009) i have it all setup for Dvr , I also set up router to port forwarding. yet
the remote dvr connection does not work . OSX El Capitan installed. whats the deal seems the mac mini will not allow remote dvr.

so FYI , I have this working on my other computer Same network , late 2009 Imac . on El Capitan .

Im at a loss . dont know what i am doing wrong here.

Hold down SHIFT and click the Check For Updates button. Also make sure you turn off remote access on the other mac

hmmm i did so. still says DVR access Failure , could not connect to server. its odd . i opened up new account under my same name Different email address . so this is a different account. the other acccount i have remote access off . even removed the eithernet cable to computer its running on .

also i am configured manual port fowarding 8089 to mac mini ip

also click on in the bowser on mac mini and it keeps trying and trying to load , nothing happends

Use the port checker to make sure the port forwarding is working: Accessing dvr remotely

If it was forwarding to a different Mac before the router might be confused and need a reboot

Reboot router ?

did the port checker, said connection refused

Connection refused means your router is not allowing the connection, so the port forwarding is incorrect or not working for some reason.

What router model is it?

Did you install macOS fresh on the mini? Are there any firewalls installed?

I have the Nighthawk® X4S R7800 ,
Yes Fresh install of El Capitan on mac mini (early 2009)
its the strangest thing , it is working for the imac remote connection, with my mac mini the port forwarding its not working , going to clear all the port fowards . start again . see if that works .

seems a clearing out all the ports forwards , rebooting router , then adding back ports Fixed the issue.
it wall works now !

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