DVR episodes and seasons out of order

I reported this on 8/27 and never heard back...

In DVR AppleTV and iPad, episodes are not in correct order and seasons are sometimes not. Restarted apps and DVR many times no change. Example, Alfred Hitchcock season 5 episodes 27, 24, 23.

In the web gui, episodes are in order but season was not. Example, Alfred Hitchcock seasons: 1, 7, 6, 5.

This happened a few months ago, then was fixed, and now with the last Channels update (.26) is back again.

This is very annoying since you have to manually scan all episodes to watch in order, and ESPECIALLY a problem with 2 part episodes.

Again, this was the exact same error months ago, was fixed by and update, and now badly broken again.

Another observation: some shows did not have episode information nut had air dates, this shows used to be in order by air date. Not anymore, this should also be fixed.

I'm having the same issue. I've noticed it on Quest (OTA) Yukon Gold and TVE To Catch a Smuggler Colombia on the National Geographic channel. Some on of the "Catch a Smuggler Colombia" were missing seasons and even titles. I just deleted those today without watching them.

Same here I get seasons out of order also. I see it with 90 Day Fiance on TLC.

Couldn't find your report here. Maybe it was sent privately via email to Channnels DVR Support?

I'm just another paying Channels DVR Customer like you, trying to help other Channels DVR Community members.

I replied to a similar issue that was fixed, is this something new?

If it's new, it may be a guide provider issue or Channels DVR Guide issue.

P.S. What do you mean by "and now with the last Channels update (.26) is back again." Is that a Channels DVR server version or some client version, as the issue would be with the Channels DVR server version and not the app version?

Have you tried doing the "Refresh metadata" option from the series page on the web UI? That fixed it for me previously.

That worked in web UI, but not on the iPad or AppleTV app. Thanks though.

Cannot find "refresh metadata" anywhere, there is no "series page" anywhere. I found a
"refresh" under a gear and a "refresh show description" but no "refresh metadata".

In the web UI, it's Recordings > Shows > All > "Program Name". From there, click on the gear icon on the individual episodes, and select "Refresh Metadata".