DVR: Improved Library Search (v2021.08.01.1442)

Yeah thats brilliant. I can work with that. Thanks!

Well I wasn’t able to specifically do Disney movies because I don’t think the studio is in the metadata that I can see, but I was able to snag all of my animated kids movies I think:

Genres=[animated,animation] genres=[children,family] categories=Movie

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any idea how to deal with duplicates when making these rules for the channels? for example, I have both UHD and HD folders for imported movies. Id like to make a channel where all my movies play but if there is a 4K copy id like that one to be present in the channel instead of the HD one

This is something that would be solved by flattening movies in the library. We’ll get there on that.

I’m looking at creating some channels that play recent content. For example:

A channel that plays realitytv episodes released in the past month.

Are there any time based variables that can be used in smart rules? Something like currentdate that could be used to filter down to recent timeframes in combination with releasedate. This would in theory create channels that stay current as time goes on.

CurrentDate - ReleaseDate <= 30

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Is it possible to create a structured query for content recorded from a given set of channels? I noticed searching by just one channel works with channel=1234, but I can't find a way to search for multiple channels at once for recordings. This would help to create more granular smart rules for collections and virtual channels.

For example:

  • channel=6090 works
  • channel=[6090] works
  • channel=[6090, 6091, 6092] doesn't work (no results)