Edit padding on scheduled recording doesn't stick overnite

Running Channels DVR 2019.09.30.2306 and using the New Guide Database.
Have a couple series passes setup with default end padding of 30 seconds.
I go to the DVR Scheduled list and edit the end padding to 1 minute for a couple of them.
The next day when I look at those same scheduled recordings, it's back to 30 seconds end padding.

My guess is something with the daily morning guide updates is changing the padding back.

Hm unlikely guide data would change any passes.

Maybe it's not saving correctly? If you refresh browser after changing the padding does it still show one minute?

It's not changing the passes, just the scheduled recordings under DVR > Schedule.

The "UpdatedAt": 1570380878830, 1570380878837, 1570380878843 for each of these in the scheduled jobs corresponds with the end of the guide fetch this morning.
2019/10/06 09:54:38 [IDX] Pruned 188 expired groups from USA-CA54023-X in 12.02191ms.
2019/10/06 09:54:38 [IDX] Pruned 3592 expired airings from USA-CA54023-X in 184.990967ms.

Yes, it sticks until the next morning guide update.

I see. You're editing one schedule to add padding, but the pass overrides it. That makes sense.

I'm not sure how we can differentiate between edited schedule vs edited pass..

Right. So what is point of editing the padding in the scheduled jobs if it doesn't stick.
Works as long as the scheduled recording is before the next guide update (i.e. a day).
Maybe adding something like PadOverrideBegin and PadOverrideEnd to the scheduled jobs

Yea clearly a bug.

Meanwhile I'll just edit the series passes.

Recently hit this same bug. Edited a single instance of a baseball game recorded via a pass. Sadly, the hoped for extended recording did not happen. Hopefully this bug can be fixed. If not, the ability to make that change should be removed.