EPlusTV on Raspberry Pi DVR Server Problem

I am trying to install the EPlusTV channel from gethub using docker on my raspberry pi server.

I am using this docker command:

docker run -p 8000:8000 -v /mnt/data/config -v /mnt/data/tmp -e ACCESS_URI='' -e ESPN_USER='xxx' -e ESPN_PASS='yyy' -platform linux/amd64/v8 m0ngr31/eplustv

And this is what I get:

Unable to find image 'm0ngr31/eplustv:latest' locally
latest: Pulling from m0ngr31/eplustv
35807b77a593: Pull complete
7f35b14c6992: Pull complete
c6b75944f3f2: Pull complete
d63408efb725: Pull complete
69120bc1d337: Pull complete
69d66f134c63: Pull complete
7f0fa98f2f65: Pull complete
86690d65f142: Pull complete
9efcaa556b38: Pull complete
b191fb774a24: Pull complete
4f4fb700ef54: Pull complete
33b31f26a221: Pull complete
8071e4230300: Pull complete
80f51d7fc7ff: Pull complete
Digest: sha256:2cc2d87417e66a68f0c883933a9ebccb5edfd77be5ccbebf39513b14bdb98ebf
Status: Downloaded newer image for m0ngr31/eplustv:latest
standard_init_linux.go:228: exec user process caused: exec format error

From what I can get for this linux error it appears to be a problem with the image format downloaded. Is there a problem with the raspberry pi that I am not aware of?

Also it appears that EPlusTV should be in the beta versions of the software and I don't have to get it using docker. I have the latest pre-release build and I don't see it in the TVEverywhere list. Am I missing something there?

Thank you for your feedback.

The docker image only supports amd64 which means x86_64 ie Intel CPU only

I don't see the EPlusTV in my TVEverywhere list and this post seems to indicate it should:

I am installing the pre-release versions on my server. Is this a raspberry pi thing as well? If so I sure wished some of these links would indicate that it is only for a certain brand of server.

That refers to Add Channel - EPlusTv6

Ok. Thanks.

If the image is for x86_64 ie Intel CPU only then does that mean this is for a Windows DVR server installation? If so, does that mean that docker needs to be installed on windows? Is there any information for the use of docker on windows?

No. It means that the processor in the computer running must be x86_64/amd64; the OS can be Windows or Linux.

A Raspberry Pi uses an ARM processor, which means arm/armv7 for 32-bit OSes, and arm64/aarch64/armv8 for 64-OSes.

Thank you for that explanation. Now for the two other questions asked, what is the easiest way to get it on my windows based server? Docker is not installed. Is there a way to get it on the tv everywhere list without docker? Any instructions on getting this custom channel would be really appreciated.

You need to clarify. Your post mentions EPlusTV (which is already present in the TV Everywhere channels), but you link to a project for ESPN+.

Please state exactly what you are trying to do, as your posts are confusing.

He's talking about this EPlusTV

" I've played a bit with the EPlusTV project from GitHub"

No, only through Custom Channels, like Pluto

I'm sorry about the confusion but it is ESPN+ I am interested in. Some say it is "easy" to add this from GitHub. Please help me with some step by step instructions to get it into my windows dvr server.

There is a lot of discussion on ins and outs of getting it running in the dedicated thread - the container author has even posted a few times. That said I would just keep in mind this is a channels forum and not really a docker classroom and also the espn+ container in question is something a person that has nothing to do with channels put together for themselves and shared on git. - it works, but has quirks and freezes and other issues even when it’s all set up properly.

The user experience is not like what you get from most of your other sources and if you aren’t even sure how to install docker in windows my honest suggestion would be maybe just skip the whole thing entirely. But you will learn from the experience in trying so if you still want to give it a go - google up a quick free course on the basics of docker and containers and installing docker on windows - then come back and read the threads again and you’ll probably understand exactly what you have to do. If not we’re still here to help if you get stuck!

I understand that this forum should not be a training session for Docker. That is not what I want. All I really needed was a simple set of instructions on the overall process of adding one of these custom channels in TVEverwhere.

That said here is where I'm at and would love to here what the next step is. I have successfully installed docker on my Windows10 computer. No problem there, instructions on the docker site are well written.

I was the able to successfully execute the docker command indicated on github:

docker run -p 8000:8000 -v /config_dir:/app/config -e ESPN_USER="..." -e ESPN_PASS="..." m0ngr31/eplustv

It all went well without errors. Now when I look at the TVEverwhere channels list in the DVR-Server I am not seeing anything resembling EPlusTV. Is there another step after the docker command that needs to be done?

Thank you.

I can't offer you a step by step procedure because...

  • I don't run docker on Windows
  • I don't subscribe to ESPN+

I can give you an overview of what you need to do.

First of all, quit mentioning TVEverywhere, what you want to do has nothing to do with it and confuses everyone trying to help you.

Read this Topic ESPN+ with Custom Channels to get the docker container image running on something on your network

You need to know the basics of docker/containers and volume/port mapping as it applies to your OS you're running docker on

Follow this Support Article Channels Support - Add Custom Channels with M3U Playlists to add ESPN+ provided by that docker container as a Custom Channel

What's been provided are hints on how to get where you want to go, but you need to learn to use the tools needed to get you there.

I was there myself not long ago where I had no idea what Docker was.

If you were able to get the ESPN+ docker installed without errors, good for you, you got further than i ever was able to. I've posted a number of times in that other thread but got stuck with a weird Timeout thing happening.
Anyway, i think i understand what you're asking. After you get the docker image installed, you should have two working links:
http://[hostip]:8000/channels.m3u, and http://[host_ip]:8000/xmltv.xml

Enter those in Channels as a Custom Channel, and you should be good to go. Hope this helps!

I may be wrong (I don't run Docker for Windows), but I think you need to use a Windows pathname for your docker container volume mapping.

-v /config_dir:/app/config

-v C:\docker_volumes\eplustv\config_dir:/app/config

Of course you would first need to create that directory C:\docker_volumes\eplustv\config_dir in Windows before creating and running the docker container.

And if you don't use this example and instead use a pathname with spaces in it, you would have to double quote the path.

augie0041 Thank you for the step I was missing regarding needing the custom channel setup. I kept thinking I was going to see eplustv in the list of TVEverywhere channels instead of creating the custom channel. It is now working for me as advertised.