[ERR] Error during stream M3U-CustomChannel Transcoder Reset: Playlist skipped to a higher sequence

Just got the same error on BBC America twice today. I thought it might be an issue with not having updated in almost 2 weeks so after I saw it the first time, I updated my raspberry pi doing a full upgrade, then updated the DVR to the latest pre-release and got it again. Is it an issue with the channel? Or is it a DVR issue?

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Figured it out.
Working on Windows.
--run-time=3600 records for an hour (3600 seconds) then vlc://quit closes VLC when it's done recording

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" --network-caching=1000 --sout="#duplicate{dst=display,dst=std{access=file,mux=ts,dst='V:\VLC\VLCrecording.ts'}}" "https://kister.net/mpl/yt2m3u8?w=@twit&r=720p" --run-time=3600 vlc://quit