Experimental: Local Networks (NBC, ABC, FOX) in some major metros via TVE

I disabled NBC, ABC and FOX in LOCAST which is LAST in my list in the DVR. I then created a favorite for the new 6000,6001,6002 versions. But on some of my scheduled recording is shows the 7000 channel? One I think showed both.

How do I fix this? Do I need to reboot my DVR or "restart"?

Try pause/resume the pass

We only support integration of FOX stations that have 24/7 live streams, and fox.com/live only provides those for the 17 stations that they own and operate.

OK, thanks for clarifying. Don't really want to use TVE bandwidth since I get the affiliate station via OTA and Cable anyway. Was just trying to keep up on cord-cutting for when that day comes.

I just noticed this earlier tonight. In my testing I noticed that NBC isn't available with my PSVue subscription in my area but it IS available with my Spectrum Choice credentials.

So far it works great. This could solve my issue with our OTA NBC watching/recording viewing via the Nvidia Shield since it has that hardware issue of pixelation if I don't change the decoder settings in the Shield App. That was the only station that I found that issue with on the Shield. I can't wait to test this out further tomorrow but so far it looks pretty good!

You guys really are pretty awesome with what you have created here! Thanks!

As a note: decoder settings only matter for playback, not recording. Absolutely nothing is modified about the incoming stream upon record (unless you have an Extend and are transcoding on the tuner). The only time the decode comes in to play is when you play back (or "decode") a stream/recording.

I’m doing the same as you, but Vue has NBC available also. Could be a glitch. Probably going to drop Vue, because choice is such a good deal.

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I think I will drop Vue as well. I wanted to test something so signed up for a month but I really get all the channels I want with the Choice package.

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I receive ABC and NBC. I am still not seeing NBC on my FireTV 4K and AppleTV 4K. I see it in mu iOS apps and web interface. ABC shows up fine on both.

How do we get the latest build (v2019.10.11.0022) ?
On my web gui, I check for update and it says up-to-date.

With 2019.09.23.2227

Shift+click, or click-and-hold.

Thank you.

I have a guide problem on tvOS and iOS with the local channels. After enabling TVE local channels, both the OTA and TVE channels appear in my guide in the web UI. I have favorited the local channels on both OTA and TVE. I think this is correct behavior. However on the tvOS and iOS apps, 2 of the 3 OTA local channels (NBC and FOX) are missing from the guide and On Now. If I unfavorite the TVE local channels, then all of the OTA local channels appear in the guide and in On Now. This occurs in all of the views, not just on the Favorites view. So, ABC (both OTA and TVE) is present but NBC (TVE) and FOX (TVE) are missing.

My Channels server is 2019.10.12.2201. My Channels clients are 3.2.28. My tvOS clients are on tvOS 13.0. My iOS client is on iOS 12.4.2.

Upon following the https://www.cbs.com/live-tv/stream/tveverywhere/ link, entering my PSVue credentials, and signing in to my CBS account, it allows me to watch my local CBS station from the CBS web site and from the CBS app. And of course I could watch it from PSVue. It does not add my local CBS station to the channels listed under TVE.

So this did not give me anything that I couldn't do before. There is no integration with the TVE source in Channels. My local CBS station (KPIX in San Francisco) is owned by CBS.

The guide combines channels and tunes them in order of priority on the Settings tab

Why does it combine only NBC and FOX, but not ABC? Why does this combining not happen in the web UI? There are too many inconsistencies here.

On my Fire TV 4K Stick, running Channels DVR 2.1.4, I see the same problem as on my Apple devices.

I think it has to do with how the guide/channel name is given to Channels from the source. I notice this problem, too, but the issue isn't inherent in Channels, but stems from Gracenote, I believe.

Due to the combining discussed by others it made sense to me to DISABLE those channels in the Source I did not want them to come from. I.E. I prefer all my channels to come from TVE mainly because of the smaller streams (mpeg4) vs OTA (mpeg2). I also have been using Locast where I disabled these 3 channels from there.

I get the whole reason for not duplicating channels from multiple sources, but so many times when I'm testing this just creates extra headaches. For example I have a Prime and a Quatro tuner, and with locals also from TVE I know have 3 sources of local channels. Throw in Locast, (which I had just subscribed to for testing before TVE Locals was added), and there are 4 variations of feed to compare between. Its super difficult to switch between these to compare quality, as I found I needed to restart the DVR sometimes to get it to pick up the priority changes and favoriting.
It would be great to have a checkbox in the experimental settings to not hide duplicates, and allow us to test jumping between feeds in real time to get accurate comparisons.

If you're looking to test between sources, I found the best method is to adjust the priority on the client, and then restart the client app.

Adjusting priority on the DVR only really affects the order in which inputs are chosen for recording. What makes the situation also difficult to compare input quality to one another is that you can only record a single instance of a program at a time; really checking the differences between inputs requires recording each input's version of the same program, which presently isn't possible.