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I tried it for a week or so then disabled it because my NBC TVE feed began to stutter. The audio played fine, but the video would pause briefly every few seconds making it really annoying to watch.

Yup that was the same issue I was running into. Video drops but audio played fine through it.

Is this something we should resume testing again now?

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Nope, not yet.

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We've published a new pre-release that contains a rewritten rewriter that is ready for testing again.

In the testing I've done, it performs much better than the last attempt in all of the scenarios I tested. Please let us know if you run into any issues.

As always, please remember this warning when enabling the experimental feature:


I will update and enable the option as soon as I get the chance.

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Does this have any effect on OTA HDHomerun?

No. It says TVE/M3U in the title.

I figured that was the case but HDHR also uses MPEG-TS.

Running version 2023.02.19.2355 now and option enabled.

First recording in progress and I have more than a dozen recordings scheduled in the next 24 hours.
I will keep an eye on it and report any issues.

If you don't hear from me again, that's a good sign. :wink:

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Since I enabled the option last night:

Source	            Channel	                   Recordings Status Comments
TVE (DirecTV)	    TruTV (6037 -> 246)	           5	    OK	
TVE (DirecTV)	    Hallmark M&M (6091 -> 565)	   2	    OK	
TVE (DirecTV)	    Hallmark (6090 -> 312)	       2	    OK	
TVE (free)	        HSN (6951)	                   3	    OK	
TVE (free)	        HSN2 (6952)	                   2	    OK	
M3U (Pluto TV)	    Hot Bench (11125)	           1	    NOK	 Interrupted, corrupted time/duration
M3U (Frndly TV)	    INSP (7012)	                   2	    OK	
M3U (PLEX Live TV)	Bounce XL (11629)	           2	    OK	

Note: for DirecTV, I have the TVE channel # remapped to their official DirecTV channel # (just saying in case this might have an effect, which I doubt)

I will create a separate thread to provide more technical details about the corrupted recording.
Here is just a preview:

Thanks for all of the reports. The "Interrupted" recordings are likely going to be unrelated to this change (unless you see a panic in the logs).

The thing I'm most looking for is to hear if you see or hear any glitches when you watch recordings that were made with this turned on.

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Got it. I didn't think that the interruption was caused by this change. However, I've had interrupted recordings before but the duration was accurate (i.e. 29 min instead of 30 min). In this case, the duration is definitely messed up (26 hrs 5 min).

In case you want to take a look: Corrupted time/duration with latest MPEG-TS Rewriter (server v2023.02.19.2355)

I will continue watching recordings and let you know if I notice glitches.

The duration issue with interrupted recordings has been fixed:


What is the current recommendation on this? It's been a while since a non-beta DVR update was released, will this be "stable" in the next official update?

It's still experimental. When it's not experimental the checkbox will be removed and it will be the default.

We’ve rolled out an update that should make it behave better when exporting an m3u with HLS from one DVR to another. There shouldn’t be any change for TVE, but if there are any problem, please let us know.

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After updating to v2023.05.16.1823 getting this log error on many TVE channels using both of my providers. ESPN networks and TV Land as examples. Reverted back to v2023.05.15.1555 and all is well. Possible bug?

From Apple TV (Shows EOF on screen of TV)

Error during live stream for ch6140 ESPN1: astits: PCR PID invalid
Error during live stream for ch6020 TVLAND: astits: PCR PID invalid

or from web

ffmpeg: ch6140-dANY-ip192.168.1.30-remux: Output file #0 does not contain any stream

I don't use the Rewriter, but I'm also getting EOF for several channels on Apple TV with ...astits: PCR PID invalid error following the update.