Feature Request - Adjust playback speed

Just a thought - Since you're using a custom video widget anyway, it'd be nice if it let us adjust the playback speed.

Example - https://lifehacker.com/network-television-stations-speed-up-tv-shows-to-fit-in-1797131517

Networks sometimes run shows 10% faster to allow for more commercials. Being able to slow it down could restore it to original speed.

Alternatively, running shows 10% faster would let me watch things like news without losing much, but gaining some time back.

They really speed up shows? I never knew that. Learn something new every day.

This isn’t something on our radar right now, but it’s helpful hearing some of these use cases. Thanks for sharing it.

+1. Adjusting a DVRd shows playback would be great (like TiVo’s quick mode). Using Chrome there is a plug-in that allows adjusting playback speed and it works great with Channels DVR. Would love to have it built into the Apple TV app though.