Feature Request: Edit Guide filter list. and reset guide

When my wife uses the app sometimes the guide is left on whatever filter she had it on. (News, Movies)
It would be nice to click guide button twice and it resets the filter to All Channels.

Also it would be nice to have a server side and local app setting to edit the list. Or remove it all together and just have all channels only.

Yes you can use settings to edit or hide the list

On the app side or server side? Or both

Can you provide a little guidance

Either way. They are app settings exposed as server side settings.

Can you provide a little guidance

where you can make the settings on the server and the app


Cant find anything for editing the list

Yea editing is maybe generous but you can replace it with a set of collections. Hiding is simpler. Sorry I am on mobile and not able to provide better pointers.