Feature Request: playback speed

Thanks for answering my questions.

I got another feature request since I have your attention. Playback at faster speeds like you can do with YouTube. :wink:

This has been added in the latest tvOS/iOS beta.

The optional speeds are:

  • 0.5x
  • 0.75x
  • 1x
  • 1.25x
  • 1.5x
  • 1.75x
  • 2x

@maddox, Cool feature; I like it. Is it supposed to stick from one show to another? For example, I set it to 1.5x to watch a recording of the news, but I find when I watch another recording of a different program it's still set to 1.5x.

My expectation was/is I would have to set it for each show I watch...

Do you mean while using auto play? If you exit the player and play something else, it is reset to 1x again.

@maddox, Nope, not using Auto Play. In fact, I would want it to stay the same speed if I was using Auto Play as that would likely make sense.

The first time I tried it I watched the ABC News from last night @ 1.5X and then, when it was over, I switched to an episode of Full Measure which also ran at 1.5X.

As a test, I started watching Food That Built America @ 1.75X and stopped that and then put on an episode of Prodigal Son which proceeded to run @ 1.75X.

It does stay the same speed with Auto Play.

Thanks, I'll check it out your case.

OK, got it. It'll be fixed in the next build that shows up.

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@maddox, latest build seems to have fixed the issue I reported.
I did notice that recordings in progress do not have the option to change the playback speed but perhaps that’s just a limitation.

Yes. Live TV and in progress recordings do not have this option as playback speed can't be increased reliably under these circumstances.


Good to see this come to fruition.

I moved to Emby.

Looking forward to this! I'm on Fire TV so for now I have to ask: how do you get to this option? Via the control panel at the top of the screen, up there with the captions controls and such?

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Can anyone tell me how you navigate to this option on tvOS and/or iOS?

Hmmm I just launched the latest beta on my iPad and I don’t see how to change the playback speed.. obviously I’m missing something…

I have the same question. I signed up for the apple tv beta just for this playback speed option but I don't see where it is or how to use it. Please explain

Make sure you're on the latest TestFlight version. On tvOS, when playing at recording. Swipe down. A banner appears at the top. Swipe to the right, to "Options." On the right column the first item listed is "Playback Speed."


Apparently this is only for tvOS, correct? It does not seem to be present in the options on iOS/iPadOS.

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Thanks for the instructions. Any idea why the Playback Speed is not available for my MLB Baseball recording on SNY using TVE? I noticed that the Playback Speed option is in the drop down for all of my other TVE recordings.

@maddox just wondering if you saw my question about why the playback speed option is not available for my MLB Baseball recording, but is there for most of my other recordings that I've tried. If the playback speed option doesn't work for recordings considered "Sports" for example, is there a way to change the classification of it so the playback speed option appears? I'd love to test this out for you

Was the recording still in progress? That’s the only reason it would not show up.

Thanks @maddox that was exactly it! I extend my baseball game recordings by 3 extra hours or so, it's basically always still recording by time I sit down to watch the game. Now that I know why it wasn't working, the playback speed at 1.5x is excellent! Nice work with this. It was always a feature I couldn't get in my living room even when I was using Windows Media Center.