Fios Login Issues

You don't have to use a VPN to sign in with her FiOS credentials for TV everywhere. Some TV Everywhere channels won't work when not on a FiOS network. But honestly I don't know exactly which ones without testing it. But you do get a bunch that still work no matter what internet your on.

Has anyone had any updates on this topic? I am in a similiar but a little bit stranger situation with Fios. My home address only offers Fios Interent, and no TV. So I want to log into my parents account, in order to use it to watch tv with TVE.

I set up a Nvidia Shield, and had to set up a VPN on it, in order to get it to allow the channels to pass thru. Is this normal?

I wanted to not use the Nvidia Shield as my DVR server, but instead use a WD My Cloud. But I can't seem to find a way to set it up on a VPN, I just want the WDmycloud to be on the VPN, not my router.

I spoke to a Verizon executive team rep on Monday. He has contacted the development team working on it and will email me when he knows more.

You'd have to use the shield as the DVR server and connect to a VPN and then run the channel scan.

Wanted to check in with you and see if you have any more details. I also wanted to ask if you are still having to use a VPN to do a channel scan? Because yesterday, I was having some channel issues, so I decided to do a channel scan. When it was done, I realized I didnt have my VPN active. And I did not get an error this time. I did another scan with the VPN on, and got some different channels, and then went back to do without a VPN, and it still worked.

I was just wondering if you were having the same experience or not?

Basically you have to run the rescan with a vpn once every 30 days

Because it knows you are using a vpn you need to then disconnect the vpn and run a scan again

Then it will work correctly for the next 30 days

Heard from them yesterday. They keep asking the same questions. I'm going through a executive relations person, who then goes to the devs. It's quite possible there's a miscommunication. So I screen recorded what happens and sent them that. We'll see if that helps. Haven't heard back yet today.

you're doing gods work. if you can, make sure to tell them that they should fix this footprint wide. using a vpn to authenticate is a pain. thanks!

I am having a hard time getting a complete scan to go thru. I am on a VPN, and it is moving really slow, and jumping back and fourth with channels..and just seems to never finish.

im so confused...I'm in Georgia and my mom lives in NY...I'm able to get a lot of channels (not all) when I scan but the order is crazy and several are there anything I can do about this?

Update. They have no plans at this time to allow turning off auto authentication. They said they removed the website which says they allow it. That being said I pushed back at them because while they are within their rights to not allow this, I believe they are in violation of parental controls on the FiOS sub accounts. I'm wondering if I should bring this to the attention of the FCC. Or maybe I should contact the EFF for a legal recourse.

It is worth filing an FCC complaint. I have had a lot of success filing those against Cox about incorrectly marked DRM channels.

Honestly... You can call it what you want but, you're trying to use someone else's service for your own viewing. And you want to take it to the FCC?

I use my mom's credentials, and just signed on for channels and did the TVE. I consider it bonus, not essential. But you're putting in a lot of effort on something that's really not kosher. I'd tell you to pound sand and pony up for a cable package if I was them.

To me, doing authentication once a month via hotspot is much easier than doing it multiple times a month for multiple apps like I had to without TVE.

The one guy had it right, get Phylo for cheap and integrate tve that way. You're still making out much cheaper with that and OTA and the TVE integration. And it's all above board. Otherwise you're really in an ethical gray area, and fighting that hard to the point of going to the FCC just seems shady. If you were completely truthful about what you're doing, who at the FCC or Verizon would try and help you? My mom has cable and I don't so I want to use her credentials to watch cable at my house for free. That's what this really is. Call a spade a spade and accept the monthly frustration or go the Philo route to be on the up and up and enjoy the convenience.

Just my two cents which is what it's worth.

Part of me is inclined to agree but that argument misses a crucial point here, and that is that Verizon does allow sub-accounts of a primary account, which can be authorized to use its services. Why should his mom’s ability to share her TV package as allowed, be hindered simply because she also pays Verizon for internet services? That doesn’t seem fair, either.

And if a customer is willing to take the time and energy to right that wrong, I say, more power to them. I call that “fighting the good fight.”

Except he's not a sub account. A sub account would have its own login credentials because it's stupidity (in the grand scheme) to give out one's username and password. Not that we haven't done that for family. Heck, I use my mom's and my mom and sister use my Netflix.

Bottom line, for the intent, it's still wrong. Do I care he's trying? Nope. But don't try to justify it as Verizon is doing something wrong by him, denying him his right of unencumbered free cable. Please. That's a joke. Before TVE, you'd have to do on demand only from a plethora of streaming channel apps with redoing the login for them almost on a biweekly basis. TVE cuts it down to once a month, and it's as simple as activating your hotspot on the phone, then connect and punch in the credentials, rescan and go back to wifi. Takes all of what, 5-10 minutes. Not too shabby in comparison. Yet it's criminal he has to do that to steal cable.

There's no difference than when we popped a splitter on our neighbors incoming coax and sent one our way. Back in the black box days and when you could still get a plethora of channels on your TV tuner. No different than Verizon going around and cutting your split once a month but not stopping you from connecting a new one until they come around a month later.

Again, I applaud the effort. I'm all for making the experience easier. But his attitude towards it is a bit laughable.

OK well, I disagree, and give him kudos for the transparency and the effort.

You disagree he's not a sub account? Someone living in a different household with a fios account of their own? Got it. :+1:

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I disagree that his quest is somehow wrong or misguided. I don't think it's fair that his mom’s ability to share her TV package, as allowed, is hindered simply because she also pays also Verizon for internet services.

The issue is not really the failure to view the channels. Sure it might have started that way, but as I investigated it more I discovered the inability to use my internet to it's fullest. I'm essentially "firewalled" from being able to use TVE, or if anyone who visits my home can't utilize their TVE logins if they are FiOS subscribers. I could login to the watch FiOS TV website with any credentials and nothing is hampering my ability to do so and I will get all those TVE channels. I just can't do it from 'partner websites or apps." Furthermore I discovered the parental control issue while I investigated this. Any sub account you create and give to say a child (and I don't mean your giving it to a little kid, could be a teenager) it doesn't have the ability to lock out TVE logins of specific channels. The parental controls only work for the FiOS TV website.

Frankly I don't care about the TV really. I barely watch my cable as it is, it's really a wife problem. I would just get rid of TV but I have such a good bundle that it would cost me more just to get internet alone. My concern evolved into not being able to use my internet like I should be able to. This isn't China.

Confused here. People with fios coming into your home are going to take over your channels dvr and load their login info to tve and then you're going to delete that info when they live to put yours back in? Guests can already watch their fios tv on their devices via the fios app anywhere they want to. Heck, if you have android you can most likely screen cast it to an android tv or chromecast device, and possibly some others as the technology gets adopted.

Again, this is describing a very specific issue, and the only reason any of us do it is to keep our costs down, period. The only reason everyone is fabricating these scenarios and spins is to try and justify it to whoever to make your life easier. It's not what you're doing. You're not fooling anyone. Call the spade a spade. I have no illusions of grandeur as to what I'm doing by entering my mom's info. At least I own it, and I'm not not trying to bring it to the fcc under some fake reason because it's too much trouble to login once a month from a hotspot and do a rescan.

Again, he wants to do it, more power to him. Just own the reason you're doing it instead of creating BS stories here. Nobody is buying it. Unless you're afraid someone is going to access this thread and toss it back at you.

Your confused because your not grasping the consequences of a restrictive internet.

If you have a family member with FiOS TV it is completely within the terms of service to create 6 sub accounts for family members to access FiOS TV from either the FiOS TV website, FiOS TV app as well as TVE partner websites/apps. When on a non FiOS internet this all works for any TVE channel that is supported out of FiOS network. When on FiOS internet that is outside the subscription household this all works except for TVE partner sites/apps regardless if it's in network or out of network. Why? How does that make sense? What does it matter to Verizon whether or not you use the FiOS website or app? Why can't you use the partner sites/apps? Who are they to dictate the method of use of consumption? This all lies within the terms of use, so who are they to say we can't watch they way we want because they can't figure out the technical side of turning off home authentication.

Also parental controls do not work for sub account logins whether inside subscription address or outside subscription address if you use anything else but the FiOS TV website or app.

This isn't a licensing issue. This is a technical issue that Verizon doesn't want to fix. Meanwhile their competition such as Comcast allows you to turn of home authentication because they are still following an open internet standard that the FCC still advises the ISPs to follow even though net neutrality was repealed. While Verizon is effectively restricting your internet. This can actually be brought to two government agencies. One the FCC for violation of the parental controls of TV content and the other to the FTC for restriction of internet.

If you don't see anything wrong here irregardless of what the original intention was, then I guess your ok with having your internet firewalled. I'm not ok with it and I can't see how anyone would be.