Fire tv and Hd channels not working

Anything I have to adjust to watch hd channels on the fire tv? It works on an Apple TV but only standard definition channels will work on the fire tv.

What happens?

Just sits at a black screen with the timeline bar on the screen. I’ve tried on multiple fire tv’s and tried changing the source HDHR to a different one and same issue happens.

Did you try changing Settings > Playback > Advanced > Video Decoder

There’s no option to change it.

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What is the model?

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Amazon fire tv stick. I’ve tried the new 4K models and old stick models and have had the same issue

Do those channels play in the official HDHomeRun app?

Please submit diagnostics from Channels after seeing the black screen issue.

Just submitted. It works on Hd on my iPhone and Apple TV when I try.

That diagnostics was from FireOS 5 and we don't get a lot of details on that OS version. Do you have a newer firetv you can replicate on and submit