For Sale Apple Mac Mini “Core i5” 2.5 (Late 2012) x 2

About 18 months ago I bought two of these as "stock" for $250 each and with their built in IR detector I thought I'd set them up as Kodi clients in front of NextPVR ... then it didn't happen ... I went with Channels DVR and Channels clients.

I toyed with the idea of using one of them as a DVR server but then went from a PI to Windows for "comfort zone" reasons.

Now both have been updated to 8GB ram and 256GB SSDs and running MacOS Catalina and they are fast ... booting in less then 15 seconds and I am offering these to the Channels Community for $195 each - shipping included.

Yeah, I know you can pick 'em up on ebay for less, but these have been upgraded from 4GB ram to 8gb ram and the 256GB SSD drive in each of these retails for $70 and I tried to pick them with longevity in mind because I hate stuff that breaks and also hate to sell junk.

The 256GB SSD may not sound like much but the newest Mac Mini M1 basic config has 256GB too and 256GB is plenty to serve as a primary recording store with "as needed" moves of recordings to a USB 3 attached external drive if you need more space. (Channels DVR has a nifty way to span recording storage across drives.)

Either of these can serve someone well in dual purpose mode - both as a compact desktop (if you choose) as well as an excellent DVR platform -- these have plenty of horsepower to do both at the same time.

Both have Catalina MacOS right now - but if you prefer to have it back-leveled to Mojave I can coach you on how to do it or even do it for you if you prefer.

Here are the "stock" specs ... but again these have upgraded RAM and SSD.

Mac Mini Late 2012

(Edit: one sold, one still available)

So tempted... Not sure how much it would outperform a shield or if I even need it with only 2 clients. It would enable me to run docker though, correct?

Honestly I don't know anything about Docker.

I did an internet search on "Docker Catalina" and found a lot of shoe advertisements.

But also found the link below ... so I'd say "yes, it will work"

Also just found this - so yes it is possible

Docker will run on a Mac I had it running on mine. I had my server and Docker running for a wile in a iMac 2010 and then on my 2018 Mac mini so the 2012 Mac Mini should do it. Now I have it running on Synology DS720+.

Just wanted to let you know I got the Mini safe and sound working great. The way it was packed it could have made it through an earth quake. Good job Thanks.