Fox Sport Tennessee TVE Wrong Programming

Fox Sport Tennessee TVE (FS-RSN-FSSOTN3) has the correct guide data, but does not have the correct programming. Currently, there is an NHL game between the Predators and Red Wings, which is playing correctly on Spectrum cable, but the ETV feed is showing something else.

I am just getting Playstation Vue set up to replace Spectrum.

I do not see the two Regional Fox Sports Channels I should be getting in TVE:
Fox Sport Southeast - 6206
Fox Sports Tennessee - 6207
I was hoping switching providers (which I was doing anyway) might clear up the issue in the above post.

I am also getting the 'chrome auth_timed_out' error on a few channels: Cooking, DIY, ID, Motortrend, NBA. I have tried re-scanning each of them.

Wait 20 minutes and try again. PSVue will block scans that happen too fast.

Same issue probably. Wait 20 minutes, then hit rescan on 6201 and refresh the page.

Got to run for now...will try when I get home , later.

Okay, that got me the channels I was missing, so now I will have to wait and see if the programming is correct for 6207.

6207 is still not showing the correct programming. It has the correct guide data, but there is a Preds game on, and that is what is on the guide, but there is a fantasy football show playing.

Having to use the Fox Sports Go app to play the game.

Well, after I re-scanned about 3 or 4 times, it finally is playing the correct programming.