Fubo TV New Channel Additions (ESPN's)

Did you miss the part of their announcement where they raised the lowest price to $64.99? I don't think they are going to keep offering anything cheaper.

Yeah, I read that but when I asked the operator, I had to call because for some reason it gave me the Latin Fubo channels instead of the Fubo, I specifically asked when the new pricing goes into effect and he said they have additional changes coming soon but wouldn't expand on what and it is then it will increase. He said it wasn't the addition of these new channels. Of course I was speaking with David, who sounded like he was from India, so I'm not sure he'd really know anyway as these call centers aren't always on top of new changes.

I am not seeing the ESPN channels added yet. I have rescanned multiple times and even removed and re-added fubo as a tve provider.

Maybe it's only allowing new subscribers to see them now. It isn't supposed to happen until the end of August is what the operator told me, so perhaps that's why. You can plainly see on my screen captures that they are there for me. Perhaps give them a call and tell them someone told you that ESPN was available now on Fubo and perhaps they'll flip the switch for your account too.

On the Fubo website, there is a blurb about the new channels starting today. The DIsney/FX/ESPN channels showed when I individually scanned the channels. Both east coast and west coast feeds are currently active on my account.

Yes. I see them in the Fubo app, on the Fubo website, and I can use my Fubo credentials in the ESPN app to connect. The only place where I'm having an issue is in TVE in the Channels DVR.

When I try to manually add these channels there they show as greyed out and 'login not supported'

Is there something else I can do in the DVR to get it to try to log in differently?

I had an issue similar once with YouTube TV so I cleared my computer's cache, and the cache within Channels DVR and then added YouTube TV back and the channels came back. It's worth a try.

How about ESPN's site? Channels' TVE implementation will only work if you can access the network through their website, not their app. (Often, the apps connect differently and use different feeds than are used on the website.)

Also not a bad idea to update to the latest pre-release of the Channels DVR software by click and hold the Check for Updates button on its web UI.

Thanks chDVRuser- that did it. I was on a June release of the raspberry pi DVR and updating just now got me a July 30 build and all my missing channels.

Just checked back to see if you got it working and it seems like you did. This to me is a game changer since I love sports and now I have 55 channels of sports to pick from. The family is happy too so it's a win/win.

Glad to hear it. With TVE issues, always best to get the latest pre-release version before troubleshooting further.

There is some tool to making screenshot of whole webpage don’t remembr the name now :frowning: and there was a macro in Keyboard Maestro I think.

Fubo looks like better alternative for directv than YTTV now.
Pity there is no AXSTVlive stream and no BBC World News. I wouldn’t mind if Channels took their domestic feed from iPlayer website - its free and 90% programming is the same anyways.

This is probably the only one service that has now sports and A&E. However they drop Turner.

Not necessarily- feed may be the same but exposed link might be different depending on device. This is the case with Music Choice. I am currently working on extracting their audio links and it has to be done with request simulating mobile device. Authorisation in the browser gives you valid service only for 4 hours while mobile device gives you 30 days.

After reading this is signed up for fubo ultra for a month. I cant get any of the espn channels or sec network to appear in the guide among others. I think I am short 40 channels. I have tried everything in the thread. They do however appear in the fubo app.

Make sure you're running the latest pre-release version of the Channels DVR server
-Click and Hold the Check for Update button in the web UI

To see which TVE channels aren't enabled
-Click the Pencil icon next to your TVE source in the web UI
-Click the Edit button in the upper right

Try to individually rescan the channels with errors
-Click the dropdown at the right of the error and select Rescan

If that doesn't work, post the Channel and error from that screen, like
6039 TCM not in subscription

Your suggestions got me from 131 channels to 156 but I think there is some still missing like Tennis, weather, NBATV, nlfredzone, MLB. Some I am not sure of. Does FuboTV carry CNN TBS TNT? Again I have the ultra package. These are missing:

6202 FS-COLLEGE-ATLANTIC login not supported
6203 FS-COLLEGE-CENTRAL login not supported
6204 FS-COLLEGE-PACIFIC login not supported
6193 MLBTV notAuthorized: No TV subscription found for user
6194 NBATV "no login form found"
6155 TENNIS login not supported
6156 MARQUEESPORTS login not supported
6093 OVATION login not supported
6094 WEATHER login not supported
6095 REELZ login not supported
6030 CNN login not supported
6031 HLN login not supported
6032 CNNI login not supported
6033 TBS login not supported
6034 TBSP login not supported
6035 TNT login not supported
6036 TNTP login not supported
6037 TRU login not supported
6038 TRUP login not supported
6039 TCM login not supported
6041 TOON login not supported
6042 TOONP login not supported
6007 CSPAN login not supported
6008 CSPAN2 login not supported
6009 CSPAN3 login not supported
6182 NFLREDZONE NFL RedZone is not available to stream right now

These below are the ones I get on the FUBOTV AP but not channels

6193 MLBTV notAuthorized: No TV subscription found for user
6194 NBATV "no login form found"
6155 TENNIS login not supported
6094 WEATHER login not supported
6182 NFLREDZONE NFL RedZone is not available to stream right now

Since I don't use Fubo, I couldn't tell you which channels you subscribe to.
Maybe check their websites

fuboTV channel lineup

What happened to TNT, TBS, CNN, Cartoon Network and other Turner channels?

What TV Everywhere apps can I use my fuboTV login with?

6094 The Weather Channel doesn't have a live feed and has been unavailable to every Channels DVR user

watching weather channel right now on the AP