Good article on atsc 3.0

yep - two of the four are now decoded



It really feels to me that DRM on ATSC 3.0 is an effort to reign in the experience for cord cutters. Cord cutting has been killing the industry for a decade. Only because of government mandates do we even still have OTA. The fact that the local affiliates make bank on charging broadcast fees to cable companies and their like is certainly a conflict of interest for them. Enter ATSC 3.0 and all the limitations they're going to put on it.

Oh sure, we can get OTA TV but it will be on their terms, not ours.

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NickK: "All HDHomeRun ATSC 3.0 tuners (CONNECT 4K, SCRIBE 4K, and FLEX 4K) will soon have DRM support."

When asked if third party apps like Channels will be able to utilize this DRM support the following response was given:


"Most likely not.... they can if they support SD's implementation of such but most likely most will never support such."


Thou shalt watch ads.

There is always TVE as long as that lasts for locals.

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as long as an approved player is being used

You do realize that many people that bring in OTA don't pay for service nor want to.

The entire paradigm is now threatened if DRM support is required for OTA.

NickK on SD forums is doing his usual smoke screen to not answer any questions legitimately.


I have 2 Primes for the locals so was thinking along those lines thanks for pointing out the effect on those that do not have Cable. I see your point.

This article spells out a lot. And it's conspicuous that they mention Zapperbox but not HD Homerun. NedS is over on the HD forum saying that certificatuon is meaningless when in reality it is not. Certification is explicitly to prove full feature functionality and DRM in particular. SD is being very shady as they have often been in the past.

Another frustrating thing is that unless you are willing to pay large amounts for something like YouTube TV or Hulu Live, local channels through streaming TV is limited. Philo doesn’t have any (if any execs from Philo lurk on this forum, I’m sure there are people who live in areas where OTA is limited who would be willing to pay extra for locals, say, as an add on) and Sling only has some locals but not all, and only in certain markets. So if you live somewhere that has limited local channels with an antenna (my parents can basically only get 2 channels even with a rooftop antenna for example) and you want them, then you are stuck paying almost what you would for cable, or just keeping cable.

Speaking of the Zapperbox, got the notification earlier today from YouTube for the latest video by Antenna Man:

Very good video that shows the benefits of ATSC 3.0.
At the end of the video, he mentions DRM.

$250 for single tuner and $275 for 2 tuners!

He also mentions you can swap it out when the encrypted channels become an issue? 10:00 into the video. Man.

Seems as though my pessimism about "NextGenTV" is not helped by any of this.

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