Having an issue logging into the dvr

Recently changed IP addresses and am getting DVR access failure, the request timed out. Ive set up portforwarding to the dvr ip and opened external and interal ports 8089 and UPnP is turned on. I can get to the local webUI for the DVR but not the remote access.

Well, that was weird… it just started working. I don’t know… I restarted the router, restarted the apple TV, nothing… I feel like there was something going on with the authorization process. After logging out of Channels for the 30th time it just started working. The weird thing is the app now shows the dvr but it also shows that I need to activate the DVR. I just checked a show and it works. Still can’t remotely access.

very weird.

Can you try the port checker described in Accessing dvr remotely