HBO, Showtime, and other "Premiums"

I trying the Channels DVR with TV Everywhere using my Spectrum cable account. The app sees most of the standard cable channels, but not HBO, Showtime, and a few others. In the case of HBO and Showtime, I can watch those channels when I'm out of my condo using Spectrum's web client ( Am I missing a step?


Premium channels are not available via the TVE feature, as noted in What channels are available?

Go to the HBO website and try to watch live and report back. The streams don't come from the spectrum website.

OK, thanks for that link. That does explain some of it.

I have some weird ones, though. Fort example, when I edit the source, I see this message next to Hallmark Channel: "notAuthorized: Access to this program is not included in your Spectrum TV subscription. To learn more about adding this program, visit or call (855) 757-7328". I am subscribed to it, though. Also, if I rescan the one channel, it displays: "notAuthorized: ok"

I also see this message next to Discovery, TLC and a few others: "403 Forbidden: Access to the requested resource path has been forbidden: [Authorized Networks: None]."

Some of these channels have succeeded on previous attempts, but are now failing.

I can use HBO Go with my Spectrum credentials, as well as TLC and all of the others.

HOWEVER, as I'm typing this and testing them, I am getting errors from Spectrum's authentication. Never saw that before... I suspect there are problems on Spectrum's side right now. I'll see if I can straighten that out, then I'll report back here.

Hbo go doesn’t offer a live stream.

Ah, right! Annoying, too!!

This is an issue on Spectrum's side. It seems to trigger if you rescan a lot of channels at the same time, so better to wait a bit and try a couple until they're fixed.

For the Discovery networks like Tlc you need to scan individually.

I got one additional channel to work by rescanning it, but the rest are still failing.

I spoke to a Spectrum support technician, who reported this:

"I do see here that there is currently an outage that is being performed on those services. It also affects the Spectrum TV app."

and further: "When our technicians did the upgrade on the services for Time Warner customers over to Spectrum, it caused the error to occur. They are looking at getting it fixed as soon as possible. They are aiming for the end of this week."

Since my account was migrated into Spectrum from Oceanic Time Warner, this would seem to be the cause of some or all of the current issues.


Yeah Spectrum has authentication issues. I haven't had Nat Geo for weeks.

I got a call from Spectrum tech support. They said that the authentication issue was fixed, and asked me to test it. Sure enough, most, if not all TVE channels are working for me now. There is still an issue with Discovery channels, that appears to be Discovery's fault, not Spectrum's. I'll explain that in a separate post.