HDHomeRun DUAL support (legacy tuners)



I did the shift + update click and now have the latest beta I guess 2018.09.23.1858 but there is no edit button/link next to HD. Is there a way to relabel incorrectly SD labeled channels to HD?


Please shift+update to the latest beta and try again.


Thanks, I did shift+update again and got 2018.09.26.1635, and clicked on “xx channels”, then clicked Edit next to HD, but I do not see a way to check the HD channels - how is this done?
I tried in the latest Safari and FireFox on my MacBook Pro, and on Windows and iPad as well.


I am using:

I see an “Edit” button on the HD Channels section for my Dual. I don’t see/understand how to mark channels as HD. Can you clarify?


Sorry about that. Please try updating to the new beta.


Thanks. Looks good.


Thanks, the update allowed me to check-mark the HD channels!