HDHomeRun DUAL support (legacy tuners)

I did the shift + update click and now have the latest beta I guess 2018.09.23.1858 but there is no edit button/link next to HD. Is there a way to relabel incorrectly SD labeled channels to HD?

Please shift+update to the latest beta and try again.

Thanks, I did shift+update again and got 2018.09.26.1635, and clicked on “xx channels”, then clicked Edit next to HD, but I do not see a way to check the HD channels - how is this done?
I tried in the latest Safari and FireFox on my MacBook Pro, and on Windows and iPad as well.

I am using:

I see an “Edit” button on the HD Channels section for my Dual. I don’t see/understand how to mark channels as HD. Can you clarify?

Sorry about that. Please try updating to the new beta.

Thanks. Looks good.

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Thanks, the update allowed me to check-mark the HD channels!

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The Channels-DVR-server webUI keeps showing 0 channels for my Dual HDHR tuner. I've updated the HDHR FW using hdhomerun_config_gui from my linux PC and scanned channels which showed several and was able to watch them with that Linux app but when I go back to the channels-dvr-webui and hit the scan-network, it still shows zero channels.
The WebUI talks about using either tvOS or iOS but I don't have either one. What is the "Channels" app? is this the webui or an iOS app? I've installed the "Channels-DVR" app on my FireTV stick but it doesn't show a settings tab... Can this be used for scanning and saving to the cloud? When start this app on the fire-stick, its waiting for the webui to finish the setup.

How are the scanned channels saved to the cloud? which cloud? Is this the cloud under my account at getchannels.com...? If so than I would need to run a channels-app that saves them to that cloud. I have a windows and linux PC's, is there a Channels app that I can install on either one that I can use to do this? Like I said I have the "Channels-DVR" app installed on my fire-stick so can I use that to perform this scan? But it seems to be stuck waiting the the Channels-dvr-server to finish setup...
Please help.

On your Windows PC install the hdhomerun utilities and run a channel scan there. It will submit the scan results to the SiliconDust server and make it available to Channels DVR.

So the hdhomerun Linux apps don't do this? Do I need a silicondust account to save my scan results?
Thanks so much for the quick response and help!!!

No account required. It's tied to the unique hdhomerun ID.

You need latest firmware and either hdhomerun utility GUI on Windows, or iOS/tvOS Channels app from the Apple App Store.

We need to add a channel scan option on the dvr web UI to make this easier. I will make a note for the future.


If you do not install the latest firmware, you cannot complete the setup - I'd rather not update the firmware, for a few reasons - there are no scan options presented.

I had to install a newer device, complete setup, disable the newer device, then I can scan on the old firmware.

I had to dig out my old HDHomeRun tuner due to the Locast fiasco. To my surprise, it all worked after updating the firmware using Channels. What I was a little disappointed about was the picture quality on a big screen. Fast moving actions are blurred and the picture is soft, as in, the resolution doesn't seem to be as crisp.

Is it worth upgrading to the newer HDHomeRun tuners? Do they produce better results?

You may want to check the display settings in your device. I have certain channels that I have to change the refresh rate on my Nvidia Shield, apparently in my region CBS and NBC are brodcast with different refresh rates and football looks awful when I switch channels.

Otherwie, you shouldn't be seeing a degradation in signal from OTA, I find it's much better than the streaming quality. I have a Quad non-4k and a dual (with the onboard video compression, but that's turned off). They've changed so many names I've lost track.

I'm not an expert in this space, so just giving you my impressions.


Thanks. I'm running this on a NAS and using Chromecast with Google TV. Are you saying I should adjust the display setting in Chromecast?

No, whatever device you are using to cast to would be where you adjust the refresh rate. I use Nvidia shields almost exclusively, so I can't say what settings your device may have. Mine has 60, 59.????, and one other setting.

Supposedly Shield has a feature to match the refresh rate automatically that I just read about when I was getting ready to respond to your question, so I may have learned something new.

@tmm1 since this announcement was ~ 4 years ago, can you tell me if the HDHR dual support still works/hasnt been retired ? I'm thinking of picking up an old HDHR-US.

It still works.

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I have the legacy tuner and just bought the new tuner that works with the ATSC 3.0 stations. I have pretty weak signal quality so I thought I would try the new tuner. By comparing the two different HDHomeRun tuners with the ATSC 1.0 signal, I get a 60% signal quality on the new tuner vs 50% on the legacy tuner. Based on my minimal test, the new tuner seems to bring in the channels better.

The other plus is that I wasn't receiving the ATSC 1.0 signal for ABC, NBC and FOX but with the new tuner, I'm able to get their ATSC 3.0 signals.