HDMI for Channels

It certainly seems to be going backwards from our perspective. I few months ago I flipped on my old Win 7 64 bit machine with WMC and a Ceton 6 pcie/cablecard. There are (4) Xbox360's hooked up to the network and the 4-tuner HDMI encoder, and the other (2) tuners provide copy-freely TV for the locals without the BS. Unfortunately, that is dependent on a cablecard, which I'm sure will probably be going down anytime - and then we're back to this thread.

It’s absolutely backwards but we are loosing as consumers of our fair use rights. What else can we do?

Stop watching television and go outside? Read a book?

Would rather try to help this community regain our fair use rights through knowledge sharing.

What exactly is that? Some kind of statute (law)?

Over the air broadcasts is the legal part (ATSC 3). They are slowly gaining DRM so we are forced to fight back in other means.

I'm not trying to pick on you, sullrich, I just don't see a way. There aren't enough of us around anymore that could make a difference.

Its kind of sad to realize we are at the end of an era of owning or consuming content. It's forever rented from here on out for the most part!

I've been following this thread. It would be interesting to see if the folks in here will find some stability.

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I find this thread has gone all over the place you would have to be really technical to follow this. I gave up on trying to decipher this. There is no real documentation a few scripts are thrown out there then you are on your own no real WIKI.

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What platform are you on? I found the same thing, asked a few questions and got nothing.

I managed to get it working on windows, i can share my scripts with you if that helps? I had to convert them to .bat files and change some commands

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That would be great I am on Windows. I also am notsure how you would setup the M3U .. I do have recording from HDHomeRuns DRM and XFINITY stream running using nextpvr as a backend and that works flawlessly tuning by channel numbers. We will be documenting this procedure soon ....

#EXTM3U url-tvg=""

#EXTINF:0 tvg-id="nextpvr-8065" tvg-logo="" tvg-chno="851", HBOHDP

#EXTINF:0 tvg-id="nextpvr-8066" tvg-logo="" tvg-chno="853", HBO2PHD

#EXTINF:0 tvg-id="nextpvr-8067" tvg-logo="" tvg-chno="855", HBOSPHD

#EXTINF:0 tvg-id="nextpvr-8068" tvg-logo="" tvg-chno="858", HBOLPHD

#EXTINF:0 tvg-id="nextpvr-8069" tvg-logo="" tvg-chno="876", SHOWHDP

#EXTINF:0 tvg-id="nextpvr-8070" tvg-logo="" tvg-chno="878", SHO2PHD

Can someone please move the content to the above post here ... Did not mean to clutter this thread with another solution. Thank You.

XFINITY Stream with NEXTPVR Backend into Channels - Playground / Hacks - Channels Community (getchannels.com)

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I almost gave up on this too. It sounded interesting, and yet I had not the slightest clue how to even start. All I saw at first was @tmm1 created a program to help. And I looked and saw some scripts and a file with a .go extension. So I googled what the heck that was. Then noticed someone mention something about building something from the go file. That’s when I started putting the pieces together as to what needed to be done and what the prerequisites were. I do not think once in these 500+ posts is there even a general basic step by step on how to get started.

I am seriously considering putting together a separate thread of the steps I took, from absolute start to working finish, on a Windows system. But to do that properly I’ll need to work on writing it over the holiday weekend. Unless someone hopefully beats me to it. Lol.


Check out / steal the guide I wrote for PC Stream for Channels. Since it is based on this, a lot of the steps and screen shots are exactly the same.


I have kept a note in the app Craft, trying to organize much of the content in this thread. I’m tied up for the next few days so might nit get to it right away, but will try to clean it up and share it here. I’m not sure if it will make sense to anyone but me, and I may forget some steps I took, but for what it’s worth, although I can tinker and muddy my way through things, I have no coding experience whatsoever, but I figured things out with the awesome and patient help of the people here.


I've been watching, and decided to wait until all the kinks and refinements have been worked out. In a few months, I'll be looking for more of an end result than a work in progress.

I have used youtube tv scripts no longer have access to, however, I was able to run more then 4 at a time. Is this because the script is doing something different?

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I don’t understand what you are asking. More than 4 different devices, all streaming concurrently, integrated with encoders and CDVR, via this HDMI script? Or some other script?

Note that TVE access for subscribers also works differently, and is not restricted to 4 or less streams. For now, at least.

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Here is a quick youtube video showing recovery when the video stops playing. It works the same for the "Are you still there?" type popups as well.

Code for this is here.