Home Screen Channel not updating

Channels' Android Home Screen Channel does not reliably keep itself updated. I often see it lag behind the current guide data in a few different ways:

  • All the show titles and images never update or won't update until going into the app and cycling back out
  • Show titles update but images do not
  • Certain show title/images update when others don't

Clearing cache+data didn't help. On the basic Channels app (not DVR, v2.1.17) on an Nvidia Shield. Sacramento market guide data, Quick Guide/Home Screen order set to "Favorite Channels".

Another Android Home Screen Channel issue I see is in the "Movies" Home Screen Channel. Imported movies do not show poster / artwork (it just displays a grey icon) but recorded movies do show poster / artwork.

These movies have art on the dvr web UI?

Yes, the Channels app does have artwork. It is only the Android Channel page where the qrtwork isn't showing (for imported movies).

This continues to be an issue (v2.1.20).

Is there any more information I can provide or diagnostics to submit to help diagnose this? Might this be an Android TV problem (I haven't seen this in other Home Screen Channels)?

Have this problem in both my Android TVs. One Sheild and one Philips.

Another case of this issue was reported here: On Now channel bar not always updated