HomePod and AirPlay - delayed audio when changing channels

I have two AppleTV's one with audio sourced over HDMI ARC and the other with two stereo HomePods. I see a noticeable audio latency and video pause when tuning to a channel/stream on the AppleTV with the HomePods over airplay. Where as the HDMI ARC tunes quickly and audio and video are sync'd and start up quickly.
I am using the experimental audio driver and that has made a difference, but does not take care of the delayed video/audio streaming startup.

As a comparison, I can use Spectrum TV app and other streaming apps, and don't see the streaming startup delay like I see in Channels.

Is this a know issue? If so, do we know if a fix is coming or do I need to provide detailed diagnostics to Channels development team?


Yes it is a known issue.

I am circling back on this topic. I continue to experience this above problem. Are there any new updates regarding a fix?
I am curious why I do not experience the same problem in my spectrum app. Is there something unique to channels app causing this problem while other apps do not experience the same problem?

It is supposedly fixed in tvOS 16 beta