How can I completely unmatch a show?

Channels is auto matching shows that are named the same to the same show. For example Ducktales (1987) vs Ducktales (2017) both match to "Ducktales (2017)". I have no way to unmatch episodes, nor the entire series (or folders) in general. They reside in different folders as is and are named to fit with Plex' naming standard as I am importing them from the same place plex grabs files from.

Any help would be awesome.

adding the year to both folders helped.

Yes, that is what I had to do:


I've gotten in the habit of always putting years into imported show names (whether file or Stream Link).

As an aside, in this case it is actually interesting because Disney+ does not have 2 episodes of Ducktales 1987 (S01E07 Sphinx for the Memories and S01E27 Launchpad's Civil War), so I had to use file versions for them. As such, in this case, I have another folder elsewhere also named "Ducktales (1987)" and Channels blended the content from each folder seamlessly.

This easy amalgamation of online streaming with recorded with file content is definitely one of those situations to shows the overall superiority of Channels to Plex or any other product on the market.

Yup I'm slowly moving stuff over. I've used channels for my hdhomerun live TV stuff for a few but just now moving over local content with the addition of virtual channels, and all the new metadata stuff added. Still don't particularly like the gracenote matching. Some stuff it just can't match which is unfortunate but it's getting there.

Yeah, it has its drawbacks and there are a million threads on here about integrating other sources (for movies, you can already use TMDB), but due to how a lot was set up on the backend in ye olden days, it will take quite a while for that to come to light.

Thankfully, we have metadata editing in the meanwhile! Sure, manually updating is more annoying, but you are never locked to the matches if it doesn't work out.

Pretty sure they added an unmatch for local content imports recently.

That was just for movies. Shows and episodes are more complicated.

You can now move just selected episodes from the incorrect match to the correct one.

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