How to prevent auto pause when device turned on etc?

Seems like when I turn my TV on or change my receiver to the TV output, whatever I'm watching in channels pauses. How do I turn this off?

Can you describe your scenario more clearly. I'm having trouble understanding how it's playing before you even turn your TV on, and then it pausing the playback when the TV is turned on.

The ATV is always on and connected to one of my TVs HDMI ports. When I turn on the TV, the apple TV displays like it should, and whatever channel I left playing comes right on. The issue is It's pausing the content though when the TV turns on. It seems this is tied to when I see the "eARC" message in the top right of the screen.

This might actually be due to eARC/CEC/tvOS and not even on Channels side? I believe the Plex app was doing the same thing now that I think about it.

You shouldn’t keep video playing if you’re not actually using the app or the tv. That’s my first suggestion.

As far as what your tv is is signaling to the Apple TV, we don't really have any control over that.

But I would implore you to not keep TV streaming if you are not using it.

Why not? Is the ATV hardware known for overheating or something?

When I turn it on it feels like a real TV, and what I had on is already playing. It's used by multiple people multiple times a day. That seems more annoying having to "pause" my TV before I turn it off as that's not something you do with normal TV. I'm just going to turn off the CEC stuff on the TV as I don't need it and it fixes the issue.

I had HDMI CEC on this whole time on the TV. I see now with it off, that when you turn on the ATV it will resume channels like I was aiming for. With it on, turning on my ATV with the power button on the remote also turns on the TV, but looks like some type of race condition with the CEC command. Sometimes it pauses, sometimes it doesn't. I'll have to decide which trade off works for me.


Huh, I almost always turn off the Apple TV, which also controls my TV power, while watching something and always assumed the reason the picture was paused when I turn the TV back on was simply because Channels was just taking some time to tune into the channel it was on when I turned things off. Most of the time I only have to press Play on the remote to get things going, but sometimes I do have to back out to the guide and go back into the channel. It would be nice if it didn't start paused, but I've mostly gotten used to the process. Never occurred to me it was related to CEC control, but I'll put up with it vs having to use two remotes to control Apple TV & TV.

I've gone back to leaving the ATV on and just turning the TV off as it's the experience I'm after. All CEC stuff off as the frequent auto-pause is annoying. Reason I'm not turning the ATV off is I ran into this issue. I saw it boot up to the last channel one time then it never worked again. Always seems to go to the first channel in my guide.