Import TVE channels into Live Channels


Ok. I see what youre saying. I need to get those feeds into the picture right there, and get it all into one xml and use it. COPY


How would I download this guide data here to try and use it? The only options are to the Shield.

I believe there's a better way than building my own xml. it exists right there on my shield already. I need to get that file downloaded, or locate it on my shields file system.

GET /devices/ANY/guide

Then you have to take that JSON, and transform it into XMLTV.

There is an example here of converting JSON to XMLTV

In the latest pre-release build, you can now use /devices/ANY/guide/xmltv?duration=3600 to get the next hours worth of data in XMLTV format.

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is this for android live channels? if so, what's the point of this? why not just use the channels app?

Thank you kind sir!

I have a Hauppage USB tuner, and it is not supported. It was the only way.

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How were you able to download the M3U playlists for Xfinity? I'm interested in getting the TV-Go Channels linked up through the web into Channels. I'm very new to this and so if there is info out there that I can look at to find out more, I'd be happy to look. Thanks!

Are you asking how to export an M3U?

Add to a browser and then tell it where to save:

You can also change "ANY" to "TVE-nnnn" , "M3U-nnnn" or the serial number of an HDHR tuner

If you intend to use the Channels app, none of this will apply to you, just go to your DVR server in a browser and add xfinity as a source.

Oh gotcha. I thought you were using a custom M3U to import xfinity sources into the channels app. I was interested in doing a direct source from the xfinity stream site like I've seen peopledoing with Pluto. Certain channels aren't available with TVE that the stream site has available.

I haven't downloaded the software yet. I just haven't found the time with Christmas & such yet. But I've been fascinated with this & have tried to learn what I can. Seems I completely misunderstood your point on this thread haha.

It yields the same channels either way.

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You can try searching for information on web scrapping to extract m3u links from web sites. Looks like a lot of work but I think its the direction you were looking to go.

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Web scraping is something I've needed to learn for a while now. Seems like a project worthy of taking on. I wasn't going to re-invent the wheel if someone already figured it out though.

I was trying to do what you are trying to do and used this as a reference:

I ended up installing Bluestacks, and the Stream app, and was able to snoop out the .mpd manifest when playing a channel. That was all I got to until I discovered Channels DVR and was like, OK, and called off the investigation.

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I seen a project on gethub a while back for doing this with another paid subscription service using your own credentials. I think it was for ustvnow. There may information there to start. I didn't give it a good look i was looking for something else when I came across it.

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Well, my journey has come to an end. Both Vigo & Xfinity (both of which I have access to are DRM protected). So I can grab the video file stream, but I can't get anything outside of a browser to play it. So ultimately, you'd have to set up a headless browser to act as a server as a middle man to grab the stream and send it off to channels. It would definitely be a vanity project just to prove I could do it. Maybe later haha, if there is still a need. There are only a couple of channels that don't do TVE anyway. Nickelodeon being the main one for my kids.