Embedded metadata is not used. Only the file names and directories are used for matching.

If embedded metadata is important to you, I suggest you post to RESEARCH: Media Library Organization with some details on how your files are organized and examples of what metadata you have embedded and where.

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Thanks I will give it a try.

I know you already got a partial answer on this, but another set of reasons are as follows:

  • It's part of a library, which may or may not be high quality recordings to be kept vs lower quality stream captures.
  • Further subdivided into genre libraries (animation, horror, XMas, etc)
  • Or divided by ratings with access privileges (PG/PG-13 vs R)

Many many other reasons, like maybe someone wants to rewatch all those old A-Team reruns? (I'm not judging :wink:

My personal solution for that was to split the shows and name them as individual units, which is... annoying. Much easier to just have some double naming scheme, like [episode x name] :: [episode y name].mkv and use a delimiter, such as " :: " (sans quotes) which isn't likely to show up anywhere else.

We really do need a Movie in Progress section as everytime I want to pick up where I left of a Movie I have to go search for it and now with the imports it makes it that much more difficult.

New views are of course coming.

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Has the captions bug been fixed? Do I need to reload? If you are in the middle of some big changes like with TMDB I might just wait for that version. I only installed it on my DVR and not my wife's. We do not go back and watch a lot of movies. Once we watch them we are generally done for a bit so not a big rush. I am also interested in the TV Show's when ready if it was pretty fool proof at matching and keeping track for watch/unwatched. I do not use much but I have a few under PLEX. Very interested to see what you come up with.

Is imdb even an option for scraping with ChDVR?

I would think using gracenote, imdb, tmdb and falling back if the first or second has no hits would be the way to go.

I personally use tMM (Java/Swing) for scraping/tagging my Movies including video/audio specs from the file and like that it creates an .nfo with everything I need to make the metadata portable as the nfo file is just a simple xml file sitting next to the movie file. Not to mention it's also a powerful directory/file renamer and can download artwork/subs/trailers, and it's free and multi-platform.

I'm using a QNAP for Channels DVR, but most of my ripped content is on another QNAP. I can't find any way using built-in functionality to mount the remote folder in the QNAP to where Channels DVR sees it. I tried their app "Connect to Cloud Drive" which also supports SMB/CIFS, which works but mounts it in /mnt/rf/nd/0/LONG_HEX_VALUE and Channels only looks in /share.

I use 2x Synology NAS and they have a "Mount Remote Folder" feature which I believe creates a share for Mount. Something like that. Then I can access that from Channels for adding Movies. It has worked well. Maybe QNAP has something similar. Mine was setup in the GUI Web Interface.

Is this feature live yet? I see it as an option in my server settings..I can see the movies I've imported in the server side on my computer, but not on my Nvidia Shield...

Hypothetically speaking, let's say someone checked the box to enable this, then decided a minute later to uncheck the box after realizing what it was about to do to the recordings directory. Is there a way to reverse it, and clear the recording list of these file references (without deleting the files)?

Not sure what you mean since there's no check box.. Do you mean you clicked the plus icon, then hit the trash icon next to the path you added while it was still scanning in files?

If you press plus again and add the same directory, wait for the scan to finish, then hit trash it will clean out everything.

Yep, plus sign, sorry, I was going from memory. Maybe I'll just re-add and see how it goes ...

Yeah I tried QNAP's equivalent feature, but you can't specify where it mounts the folder. It mounts it in /mnt and Channels looks in /share. I can probably hack it together but I was hoping it use a supported QNAP mounting feature to get it to work.

I use iScsi for this using my well and is very
reliable..use iscsi initiator on Win 10 to complete the binding
process but you need some free NAS space to setup an iscsi drive so
that might be a problem for you..

When I login on my iMac to the Channels DVR Web UI I give me a list of ALL folders on "volume1" (my only volume). The "Mount" folder is the one that points to my other Synology NAS. I click on that and I see my "Media" folder where I drill down to 2x Movies type folders which I set for Imports.

Not trying to tell you this is the way QNAP should work but just giving you feedback on how Synology works that might be helpful.

Is there currently a way to "unmatch" a movie? I have a number of titles that have been mis-matched, but the correct title isn't available.

@tmm1 I keep getting a 404 page not found error...

curl -XPUT http://x:8089/dvr/scanner/paths/movies?path=⁩\Music⁩\iTunes\iTunes%20Media\Movies\

What am I missing?!

You need to update your DVR to the pre-release. There's also a UI now so you don't need to use curl.

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