Improvements to recording statistics

Ah, I thought I previously read it was the initial state. If it's actually now the median recording value, so much the better for assessing quality. Thank you.

@racameron: Your memory is correct. I changed it in build v2020.02.28.0428 because I suspected it would be more useful.

I am having a lot of problems with recordings. On one the odd things is it appears during recordings at night. I installed test flight and the beta test on one of my Apple TV’s, however the issue I’m having is with a AFTV.

Did you upgrade to the latest pre-release of the DVR software? That’s where this enhanced logging has been added. The log should help reveal issues.

The version I’m running is: 2020.03.14.1915
Thanks for your quick reply. I am not an idiot, neither am I a programmer. I’m a bit confused. I am running the DVR software on a Windows 10 laptop, storage is a Mycloud 4 TB NAS, 2 4K FireTVs, and a 4K AppleTV. I normally only use the FireTVs, but I installed TestFlight on my IPad and AppleTV just to participate in the beta trials.

Should I install the prerelease DVR software on my laptop? How?

I am currently upgrading my DVR to version: 2020.03.24.0127

This is another thing that I’m curious about. There are many messages about the buffer.

Buffer warnings usually mean your HDD is too slow and cannot keep up. But if its only hitting 50% sometimes that's OK.. If it goes to 95% or 99% that's bad.

It is a 4TB Mycloud.
There have been many buffer warnings ver the past few days. It seems odd that must of the problems that I have occur around 6 or 7 pm.

Is the laptop being used for anything else, or dedicated to Channels? Other uses/applications could be keeping the disk busy, causing the issue.

The laptop is only used for channels. The DVR is using a NAS for storage. Is that still an issue?

Can you tell me where to start looking for the problem that is causing the buffer problems?

Are you seeing buffer warnings where the percentage is more than 50%?

You can check Task Manager to see if CPU or NETWORK or DISK is hitting 100% utilization.

It sounds like you're recording to a NAS.. is that over USB or Network? If you're recording to the network then you're essentially doubling the amount of traffic on your network and that could be why things are getting overloaded.

Yes, I’m seeing buffer warnings as high as 99%
I will check Task Manager.
I am recording to a 4TB MyCloud. It does not have the capability of using USB to record (apparently).
The HDHR, Laptop running Channels, and My Cloud are connected to the same Gigabit Switch. The laptop NIC is 100Mbps. My Cloud is 1000Mbps.

There's your bottleneck. You've got:

  1. Incoming stream: Data coming from tuner to laptop.
  2. Recording stream: Data from laptop to NAS.
  3. Watching recording/stream: Data from NAS to laptop, then from laptop to network.

If you're watching/streaming a program while recording, that's 4 separate transits across your laptop's slow 100Mbps connection. For an OTA HD stream (~12Mbps), that's 48Mbps, or half your bandwidth. Couple that with additional streams, and you're severely being limited by your network.


get a better NIC. like a usb gigabit adapter.
otherwise, recommend using something newer/better as your server.

The laptop is one year old. The NIC is outdated to be sure. I was using a 4T MyCloud previously and I didn’t have nearly as many problems.
I have ordered a USB NIC, I’m hoping it will help.

USB 3.0 gigabit NIC would be best. if the laptop has usb 3.0

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I couldn’t stand it any more. I got a USB 3.0 to gigabit adapter from Best Buy, curbside. It looks like it has solved all of my problems.
Dell sucks, I never thought about the laptop having a 10/100 NIC until now. I thought I just needed to update the drivers.


My few year old Dell Precision 5510 does not have a wired NIC at all. it too thin a machine
I just use a USB C Gigabit NIC when i want wired connection.