Initial playback volume always 100%

iPhone X
iOS 16.1
Channels 5.5.7

For every guide channel and every source, the initial playback audio volume is 100% regardless of set iPhone volume level.

To reproduce:

  1. Set iPhone volume all the way down to zero (mute).
  2. Tap Guide tab
  3. Tap a currently playing program
  4. Tap Watch button
  5. Playback volume will be loud (seems like 100%).
  6. Press iPhone volume down button just once and playback volume goes to zero (mute).
  7. Tap Done to stop playback
  8. Repeat to play another program
  9. Volume level again is loud and not muted.

Same. Just started noticing this behavior tonight. Diagnostics submitted.

I'm experiencing this as well (iPhone 14 Pro, iOS 16.1.1, Channels 5.5.8). Diagnostics submitted.

Is there any difference between the audio drivers under settings > playback > advanced

Issue is fixed with Experimental audio driver.

How do you enable the experimental audio driver? I am seeing the same issue.

settings > playback > advanced

Just switched to Experimental and I'm getting the same error as exhibited here. Every time I switch channels, audio comes on. I've even had it randomly fire up without picking a channel or moving off of a program.

(iPadOS, 12.9, 16.2)

I've experienced this too recently with the latest iOS. Unfortunately it seems like an OS bug because volume and muting is controlled by the OS.

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I have this same issue and running 16.2 on a Pro Max 12 here. I did notice though, when changing to the experimental driver, volume was at 100%, the first time that I went to a channel, but when I hit done and went to another channel, the volume was at the same setting. I did this six different times and only the first time was the volume at 100%, the rest of the time it stayed at the set level that I had selected at about 25%

I noticed this bug is still present. Tried a recording today on experimental audio driver iPhone 11 Pro - iOS 16.3.1

Can anyone say whether the Experimental audio driver fixes this? I’m afraid to try because I don’t want to wake up my house. Regular driver comes on at full blast on iOS. Channels is the only app that does this.

Appears to not happen for me now with the Experimental audio driver.

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Very odd thing happened today. I had a channel playing on 0% volume and all of a sudden it went to 100% on its own.

iOS 17.0.2
Channels 5.7.3
Experimental audio driver

I’ll keep testing on regular audio driver