Is commercial detection possible with Pluto TVE?

I just installed the Pluto Docker and I’m loving the integration! That said, is it possible to get commercial detection working for recordings with these channels? It’s not a big deal, however it sure would be nice…

It works today :blush:
For most channels the detection doesn't even use comskip, channels senses when the commercial starts based on ip changes. But comskip will run on the channels that don't autodect them.

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Hmm. For some reason Channels doesn’t seem to be detecting commercials with my Pluto recordings as I still see the Pluto animation during commercial breaks…

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Yeah that happens to me sometimes. I think when they dont run ads then the detection fails. You could try detecting manually but not sure if it would work with just the animation.

Yeah, I tried manually redetecting commercials, however it found none. Not a big deal. Out of curiosity, is it important to keep the Pluto docker image updated and if so, is it possible to automate this process? Thanks so much for your help.


Yeah I think the default pluto logo animation messes things up. I record Cops and all the episodes are that way. I wasn't sure if their wokeness made them not want to sell advertising or do they just not play commercials on some channels.

Re keeping the image up to date. I am not aware of an automatic process but if you use Portainer you can click duplicate/edit and then turn on always pull the latest image. Then when you deploy it pulls the latest image and rebuilds the container :wink:

FYI, I ran across the following which is supposed to update all Docker containers automatically - assuming it works. I included the link below. That said, are there any other integrations like Pluto worth taking a look at? Thanks again! :grinning:

It's working for me.


Rather than having a Pluto container, I followed the guide in the following link to add Pluto and Stirr to Channels via M3U.

Non-Docker source for PlutoTV and Stirr m3u playlists and EPG - Playground / Custom Channels - Channels Community (


Here, lately, I've noticed Pluto seems to run the psychedelic Pluto swirling thing instead of commercials. Malfunction? Can't sell enough commercials? Perhaps it's regional, and it's just me seeing this?

If the Pluto detection is IP based, perhaps this will make it fail? It's football season and I haven't had the "TVtime" to watch much besides the games and replays, so, just speculation. :football:

Correction, it works sometimes.