Is it possible to watch Live TV in two different locations / devices at the same time?

Title. Wondering if it is possible to watch two different Live TV channels on two different devices at the same time. This would be connected to a Remote DVR.

Thanks in advance!

Sure. As long as you have the upstream bandwidth to support it. If you dont you can transcode but its going to cost you cpu cycles in case you are running on an underpowered server....


Also - Depending on your source, you'll need to have enough tuners free. If you have something like a HDHomeRun FLEX DUO with only 2 tuners and you also happen to be recording something on your DVR, you will run into issues.

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Thank you - I currently use a 6 year old laptop near my amazon firestick and have no issues. I am thinking about putting the server on an always-on a desktop that is very very basic. It would be in same location as the second device, but my firestick will not be near it. What type of bandwidth do you think is necessary for this?

(I am a tech / Channels newbie, please bear with me)

I plan on using a desktop and two firestick devices - do you think there would be any issues with that?

You'll be fine as far as resources. My comment was geared toward how many tuners you have. What are your sources? HDHomeRun? TVE?

Definitely hardwire your server and put it on something besides a laptop :slight_smile:
So proximity to your firestick shouldnt matter.
How much is your upstream bandwidth?

Ah okay - it would be spectrum and fios TVE

This is a great question. With the laptop connected to the same network as one firestick, i have 198.7mb download and 23.5mb upload with no issue. I want to assume that the desktop would have a similar upload speed if not higher because it will be hardwired? Not sure what type of internet connection is available there offhand.

And thank you for your help - I do sincerely appreciate it.

Your 2 devices that you want to stream from are outside the house correct? You seemed to indicate that they would be remote

Yes exactly - one household would have the computer and one firestick, the other household would just have another firestick connected to the computer via the internet.

Ok so one viewer local and the other remote correct?

Yes exactly

Upload/Download is one thing, but Channels can run very successfully on much less than that. You need to look at the Latency and Jitter numbers and make sure they are very tiny. To accomplish this, there is a 95% probability that whatever your server is, it needs to be hardwired (I'm positive someone with the most amazing WiFi situation in the world where there is no interference from any other radio signals because they live 50 meters underground will argue that it is not necessary). Since you said your desktop will be hardwired, it should be a-okay!