Is there a way to clear the list of recorded episodes?

Is there a way to reset the database of which episodes have already been recorded?

I lost my data drive for channels, and added a new one.
After restarting the process a few times, the database appeared to still be loaded.

Since I wanted to keep the list of passes, this was OK..
I did a curl to /dvr/pruner/deleted so the old episodes were removed from the "recordings" menu.

In the individual passes, some episodes show as "Recorded" - It looks like it still has these episodes in a database of ones it's already recorded. Because of this, I presume it won't record them again.

Is there a similar curl command to reset this db?
If not, is there a way to export out just the passes, so I can do a clean re-install and then import them?

Related- Is there a API documentation of all the curl commands available?

It's almost too bad the source code isn't available. It'd be easy to check this stuff myself, but I understand that it's easier to ensure people pay for server when it's closed.
In this case the UI is worth it :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Works great.
I had tried searching, but I guess I didn't hit on the right combination of keywords.

There's also a way to do this on a per-pass basis by editing it in the advanced editor on the web UI and selecting the "Re-record deleted" option.