Issue with TVE on MSNBC, CNBC and Oxygen?

Are there issues with TVE channels on MSNBC, CNBC and Oxygen? I am getting the following issues error and nothing plays. I was able to watch MSNBC from their app. Not sure if this is a TVE, NBC Network issues or Channels issue. -- Thanks

2023/04/18 16:03:40.380023 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-Spectrum ch6050 MSNBC: TVE: Could not fetch playlist: get*!/Content/*~hmac=a571e956f1478df32618806592039da2c59ab9fe4a58a319bb590e37b505127f: 504 Gateway Time-out

2023/04/18 16:06:20.165624 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-Spectrum ch6060 OXYGEN: TVE: Could not fetch playlist: get*!/Content/*~hmac=16365b88188be2338bbd98cfaa9c4f6d83b82142a4d10a19d0d2f0e9b4a52d55: 504 Gateway Time-out

2023/04/18 16:05:57.728088 [ERR] Could not start stream for TVE-Spectrum ch6051 CNBC: TVE: Could not fetch playlist: get*!/Content/*~hmac=9a1a5a5837a66e3f3da85b876c0365319c4e4f6ccb97712b55f20029cdb1e6c9: 504 Gateway Time-out
2023/04/18 16:06:11.324682 [TVE] stream timestamps: syfy: start_at=2023-04-18T16:04:42-04:00 end_at=2023-04-18T16:05:30-04:00 live_delay=34.5696829s
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I don't see any mention of MSNBC from that link, just NBC and regional sports. I'm also exhibiting the same as Jackamus

OK, thank you. Sorry I missed the announcement you made a few days ago. Well, this does kind of suck but oh well, I'll adapt. I have OTA at least for the local NBC station. Thanks again.

I should say though, MSNBC was working as of this morning. So, I wonder if this is just a TVE issue. Oh well.

I am having the same issues with CNBC & MSNBC, but mine are 500 not the 504 errors that you received. CNBC & MSNBC are still available via TVE, they have nothing to do with the sports channels the other person was talking about.

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Will other NBC owned networks be affected?

At the time of writing, all other NBC owned networks are still working. We expect them to transition to the new streaming technology in the future and will eventually become unavailable in Channels as well. But time will tell.

NBC and NBC Sports Networks No Longer Available via TV Everywhere Providers - Announcements - Channels Community (


I’m getting this from those channels

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That is what I am hoping as well.

NBCUniversal is shifting to a DRM format for all of their networks that is incompatible with CDVR. The first to make the shift was the NBC regional sports networks. A list of networks would include those you listed as well as USA, E, SYFY and a few others. The timing for transitions is unknown so it could be that the DRM switch has occurred or it is another issue that may be resolved in the interim. Remember TVE is experimental and may come in and out with provider updates.

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It looks like it's drm. Check out the dvr prerelease notes.
NBC Universal stations no longer work over TVE and have been disabled

I think they are trying to fight piracy.

All this move will do, is inspire more of it.


It's honestly been amazing to me it's taken this long for some major stations to drm. If you think about it's kind of nuts that before this pretty much every cable channel other than a few premium sports networks and PBS lol sent their feed out on their website unprotected.

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The networks mostly offer sports content. Local stations and the fact that they are local seem to be less important.
Tugotv has msnbc.
I'm running the levelnews docker and really like having access to News Nation.
Maybe localbtv will get an agreement going at some point.