Limited number of votes here?

Trust level is a weird thing here. I have seen users that have been active on here only a few months get high trust level, where as users been here for many years, still are the lowest.

The list votes page still shows that error shown in Op for me, has so for years.

I understand that and acknowledged that fact in the second sentence of my post. But the image shows that you can remove votes if you remember what you voted for.

I not talking about how to use Discourse generic trust levels. Not did i ask for links to that. I am stating observation fact. Trust levels varies and can be changed per forum board. It not a big deal or issue, just one of the quirks here.

Funny way of saying "I'm here to complain" but six of one, half dozen of the other.

Not if u can't get to the page that lists your votes. You can't expect users here, who have years of post history, to manually scroll back and search for their vote history per thread basis.

Thanks for pointing out u can remove votes per each individual threads, but that not the thing this is broken and being reported in this thread.

Semantics and off topic. Observation is not a complaint. Like i said, it don't even matter at this point or in context of fixing the bad link.. Each companies own Discource site runs their own way and are often not on default settings.

Cool. Thanks....but, what is the new limit?

How about fixing the broken link so we can see what we have voted for? There is no way to see how many things a user has voted for.
That is the issue being reported here.
Just gonna run into the same issue of running out of votes once the higher limit is up.

If this is some years-old bug that is difficult to fix, my vote would be to remove the voting system entirely, so the devs can prioritize their time instead on improvements to the Channels software itself.

Maybe a simple, un-install the plugin, re-install on the back end it would fix it.? lol But that would probably delete everyone's votes and rest everything.

But, i think removing it, is a bit extreme. It works ok enough for them i guess.

Yeah, if I never hit the vote limit because it just gets raised from time to time, I will continue to use the Vote button as a way to "+1" my support for a good idea, as that was my understanding and intention from the beginning anyway. I certainly didn't intend to reignite any argument or bring up an ancient, annoying bug that's isn't (and shouldn't be) a priority to fix!

So maybe this is the best solution to land on for now, I'll leave that up to the moderators. Seems pretty easy to just keep raising the limit when it becomes a problem. Personally speaking I also wouldn't object if the voting system was completely reset to troubleshoot, or even removed entirely. What I don't think anyone wants is to see an error when forced to manage old votes, nor do I want to see a constant reminder that I blew my vote wad in my first couple of years here, never to be able to vote on anything ever again.

I'm certainly grateful I am once again able to vote though! Thanks for the chat about this, y'all!

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