Live TV Pause Menu Progress Bar Update Issue

In Apple TV Channels 4.5.7/4.5.8 (only two versions I have used), the Live TV pause menu progress bar (that shows the timeline when you pause a program) appears to have an issue.

When clicking pause and doing nothing else, the timestamp reflects the current time and the light purple "newly-buffered data indicator" progresses in real-time.

Subsequently seeking either forwards or backwards using the remote touchpad causes the newly-buffered indicator to stop updating. Moreover, the timestamp rarely updates (seek from oldest to newest you might get one update in ten seconds of playing).

The issue occurs on three different Apple TV models (4K gen 2, 4K gen 1, HD) and on Locast, Philo and Pluto channels.

Would be great if this could be resolved in a future client build. Thanks.

The issue reported in my original post seems resolved (or at least drastically improved) presumably by the beta fix listed above. Was always baffled nobody else confirmed this issue, but never realized it was specific to HLS sources (which I use almost exclusively).