Local Content Issue

I'm having this bug? I guess... when I try to use the Local content (TV). Any show I add - Get's labeled as PJ mask.


It can be correct under more options... but It has to be done for EVERY show you add. It's always PJ Mask.

When I do go to correct it , it has a single period in the box. But once I type the correct show, all is good.


Once you correct it, it leaves behind PJ Masks , but with no episodes.

I'm sending diagnostic over as well.

You have to add T:\Shows not the show folder

Really? I have quite a few shows and just wanted to try it on a select few show folders. Is it possible to only include a few shows FROM a root of a TV Show folder?

On a slightly related note, yesterday I learned that Channels doesn't like season folders under a show folder.

Not currently. You would have to copy or move them.

Please provide examples of anything that didn't scan as expected. Season folders are supported and were discussed in RESEARCH: Media Library Organization

Now that you mention it, Channels has no problem with the season folders in imports from NextPVR.

The problematic show was one I had ripped from DVD and organized into season folders named S1, S2 and so on. I guess Channels didn't understand the abbreviated season folder names. I ended up with some unknown shows with the season folder names along with some really odd things like episodes of The Circus.

I eliminated the season folders and eventually everything worked out. I guess I could have renamed them to "Season 01" and so on.