Locast Integration

I hope we didn't deter you from possibly adding NBC live stream. I'm sure many would appreciate having it available.

I think you should add NBC. It works fine here in Los Angeles with DTVN. Maybe work my other credentials as well.

UPDATE: As you start to add Local Channels it would be nice we had the option to assign a Channel Number to them. If not already available now. Examples: Here in LA OTA my locals are NBC=4, CBS=2, ABC=7, FOX=11.

If you support NBC I might disable my OTA NBC 4 and use yours if I can assign it to 4.

Will be interesting to see. Looks like they're owned by different companies (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_NBC_television_affiliates_(table)), so perhaps some affiliates have granted rights but others have not.

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Would also like to add my support for adding NBC to TVE. See more in TVE Everywhere thread:

[TV Everywhere Beta Experiences]

Well the guide data on their site is still wrong but they are in fact streaming the correct local station for Murrells Inlet...


I don't see much issue with the quality of Locast, and those who donate are not supposed to see additional ads (although I still do I expect they will address this in the future). Here you can see they are streaming close to 3Mbps at 720p and at least to my eyes it looks close to or as good as most TVE streams...


It works for me on Verizon FiOS. However they appear to be in SD

LOCAST NEWS: July 31, 2019

Today it was learned that ABC, CBS. Fox, and NBC are suing to shutdown Locast according to The Wall Street Journal. This comes after Dish and AT&T have used Locast to help support their fight with local ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC local TV stations.

Just a matter of time time. Wonder if Dish and Att will donate their lawyers also