Marked as recorded, but not watched

I have a few shows that I watch almost every day, but most of them are marked as recorded when they are not. Any ideas on how to fix this other than go through each episode and re-mark them?



I'm not really sure what you're trying to accomplish..

On the web UI you can edit a pass and check "re-record deleted" which might help ensure everything gets recorded.

Which shows are affected? How many?

I notice that several episodes will not record even though I have it set to “all episodes”. When I look through the web interface, they are mark already recorded when they have not been. I have tried deleting the series pass and creating a new one, but it does not solve the problem. I can record them individually from the guide. I am asking to clear the db of retaining of what has been recorded or not. The series I am trying to record is Judge Judy which is on for two hours daily and it will only record one unless I select them manually. The other is Cops which is broadcast on paramount and my local mytv station.



Did you try changing the re-record setting on those passes?

There is a way to clear the "recorded" database but it will remove all entries not just for certain shows.

There is also a way to regenerate the recorded list based on only the files currently in your library.

Yes. Actually I do not mind if I record repeats as it is easier to delete them than having to go through each episode and having to change to "recorded" setting and then "record" How do I clear the recorded db?



You would run this in Terminal to remove the entire db:

curl -XDELETE http://x:8089/dvr/programs

Or this to generate based on recordings:

curl -XPOST http://x:8089/dvr/programs/regenerate

Or what I recommend is this checkbox on the advanced pass editor:

I like your recommendation - where do I find this option? - Never mind I found it.



I mentioned it several times:

It's under DVR > Passes > Edit Advanced

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