Mecool M8S Pro L


You're not trying to run the DVR on a WiFi-connected device, I hope?


I have been running on wifi with mixed results because my MacBook would auto switch to the 2.4G which is obviously too slow. My plan is to get the NUC configured so Channels DVR runs at boot time without any user intervention. Unfortunately, the memory stick I bought is not compatible so I get a BIOS prompt warning me about the memory. A new memory stick is on order. After which, I put the NUC in my living room next to the router with a wire.


sudo is installed. For the default configuration, sudo prompts for a password when the user credentials are not cached. Which was true for me as I had not run sudo before installing Channels DVR. I recommend running sudo -v before installing.


I received and installed compatible memory today. I now have a setup that I am extremely happy with. I moved my previous recordings by copying the DVR folder and restoring that on the NUC. To summarize my configuration:

  • NUC6CAYH, 4GB memory, 500GB SSD, Ubuntu, wired
  • M8S Pro L for the primary TV, Fire Sticks (different generations) for two other TVs
  • HDHomerun Prime (3 tuner)

After installing Ubuntu Desktop, minimal configuration, I had to install curl so I could install Channels. No other software required.

The NUC boots and Channels starts without user intervention. Which is key for my users. :wink:

I plan on upgrading to the 6 tuner when available. After which, I will get rid of the last remaining cable provider supplied DVR.

Channels DVR is awesome!