Need a way to cleanup deleted history

I am trying to search for a way to reset or cleanup deleted history ... but I cannot search.. If anyone knows how I can do this please post.

Lots of shows were interrupted last night so I had to delete them. I know I can set Pass to record deleted but I really would like to cleanup the deleted history in total.

Search has been fixed.

Thanks I guess prune deleted cleans up the full deleted history ?

Don't think there's a way to have Channels DVR forget everything it's recorded that you have deleted.

You would need to have it present every movie and show ever recorded and allow you to select which deleted movies and show episodes you want it to forget it recorded. Otherwise it would wipe out the history of all recordings it ever did.

Why can't it just delete from the database anyfile that is not in the recorded folders ? That is what I would like to do.

So you want Channels DVR to just forget it recorded those recordings you've deleted?


I saw this would it work ....
powershell Invoke-WebRequest -Method Put http://EDSYNOLOGY:8089/dvr/pruner/deleted
powershell Invoke-WebRequest -Method Post http://EDSYNOLOGY:8089/dvr/programs/regenerate

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I ran the above command it ended with "true" so guess it worked.


I guess you have to empty the trash can before running this to remove the recordings that were preempted.... which I deleted.