NEW: Channels DVR backend for Nvidia SHIELD




OK, call me insane*…as Channels has been running perfectly on Shield (and only problem has been Plex running on Qnap which daily loses connection to Shield attached USB 3.0 powered drive…current fix has been to run a directory listing on the Qnap for that drive), I thought I’d try the Plex Server on the Shield again (while running Channels DVR on Shield)…*insane=keep trying same process hoping for a different result…

The first problem to occur was that Shield (Plex) server threw an error re: “transcoding not responding” although it had already played back a recording (utilizing transcoder). Based on prior experience, I am now fairly sure that Channels DVR on Shield, at some point in near future, will start a pattern of disconnect and restart.

Not wanting to continue with “this new” configuration nor wanting to “run above described directory listing daily”, my next configuration attempt is to shut down Channels DVR on Shield (& use Qnap for Channels DVR), and also continue to use Plex Server on Shield utilizing Channels recordings on Qnap (as it was previously working great with Channels DVR -recordings on NAS- on an old mac mini).

Hopefully, this will prove to be a satisfactory configuration, as I intend to take the mac mini off line, in order to re setup WMC on bootcamp (with Schedules Direct), as SD has been unable to provide DRM recording on any platform (2 years since first announcement and 1 1/2 years since we discontinued WMC on PC). We have 39 DRM channels & no premiums - it is aggravating to be limited to viewing on only Win 10 at only broadcast time.

I’ll update status in a week or so.


I heard back from NVIDIA. The remote write feature is only available to select apps at the moment, due to security concerns. I’ve asked for us to be whitelisted, but it’s unclear if that will happen. Even if they agree, it would not be until the next version of the SHIELD OS is released.

So for now, writing DVR recordings to a remote share is not possible.


Anything about Channels getting stopped and restarted?


They are still looking into it


Do you have to have a HD Device to use the DVR service?


Yes, an HDHomeRun tuner is required to use all of our products.


Are there any recommendations as to which USB 3.0 drives are preferred to use with a Shield? I see recommendations on the web for thumb drives etc. I don’t archive recordings so don’t need a ton of space - generally 1TB should be more than sufficient - but I do want something reliable like I get from my WD Reds (maybe sticking my current reds in a USB 3.0 case is the best bet?)

Also with regard to the transcoding capabilities of the Shield I have read that it can support 2 to 3 concurrent streams. When would Channels actually call for transcoding? would this be limited to away from home on the web app and home devices that natively don’t have the resources to be able to transcode MPEG2 themselves? i.e. if I have a Shield and 2 or 3 ATV 4’s at home will the ATV 4’s handle the transcoding?




ATV4 and SHIELD can play mpeg2 directly.


Any chance this will change in the future?




Still having issues with the Shield:


I’m on the Shield preview program and even with USB mounted as removable storage I am being denied write permissions.


Did you grant permissions when you first installed and ran the DVR app?


Yes. I am using a 2015 Shield with a 128GB usb configured as adaptable storage and a 1TB drive as removable storage. The web interface wouldn’t allow me to create a new folder on the 1TB drive, and once I created one in the file explorer it said write permissions were denied.


The app is only able to write into the NVIDIA SHIELD directory which should show up on the directory yea picker


I got everything setup now with it recording to removable storage (although it didn’t allow me to create a folder in the Shield directory, I had to make one via file explorer). The DVR engine seems to go offline unexpectedly as if the shield is killing it as a background process. I’ve had a few missed recordings and often when I try to access the web interface it is unavailable even when the shield is on and being used. If I go to the DVR app it says the engine is active, but I have to force close the app and reopen for it to allow me into the web interface again.

Edit: I’m in the preview program if that makes any difference


Same happens to me, @Jmcguire525. I’m hopeful something in the next update will help fix it.


Yeah, I just noticed something similar to this too. when I go to the settings page it almost always shows the uptime as <1hr…usually something like 21 - 29 min. Like it is resetting itself every half hour or so.


I found something that might help prevent Android from killing the DVR. I added it to the DVR android app and released a new version to the Play Store.