NEW: Channels DVR backend for Nvidia SHIELD


I am again bailing on running Channels on the Nvidia Shield.

Over the last 2 weeks, I had 4 disconnects on Channels DVR installation.

Each time the Shield was always available on the network for other tasks. There were no entries in DVR to diagnose. Disable and re-enable the DVR wouldn’t fix. Most times a reboot of the Shield would fix, however, today I also had to re-boot the router.

This may well be a malfunction on my router. As I don’t have another router to test atm, I will continue using the Qnap as my main Channels DVR server…it has been rock solid.


were you using your Shield solely as a Channels DVR or were you also playing back recordings using the Channels app or even possibly using non channels apps to tune from the HDHR’s?

I have generally found that if I don’t use the Shield to play back any Channels recordings or use it to play live from the HDHR’s then it has been pretty rock solid. Otherwise I end up having to restart it every couple of days - usually because I have lost access to the web portal even though everything else is working fine (although maybe a tad sluggish)


Going to try another test for longer term connectivity:

Upgraded to 6.2
Disabled IPv6

Testing only the connection by recording one show per day (on a pass). I don’t playback the recording…just checking to make sure it recorded.



From mikeb on SD forum:


I disabled Live Channels earlier today (also set reserved ip on router):

Settings>Apps>System Apps>Live Channels>Disable

Even though Live Channels wasn’t running. Anything else to do?

Hopefully, with these changes, the Shield will not disconnect as previously. Would really like to run Channels DVR on the Shield…but very hesitant as running on the Qnap has been rock solid.

Will continue to report on progress over the next week or two.


The Shield stayed connected for 1 week without interruption, then early am on Tuesday we had a power outtage.

Ever since, the Shield is disconnecting overnight…hence no recording of 6AM news since Monday (for testing only recording this one program daily).

See really odd entries in the log…dated 12/31/2012:

2017/11/27 09:44:33 [DVR] Fetching guide data for 140 stations in USA-FL61795-X @ 2017-12-18 3:30AM
2017/11/27 09:44:35 [DVR] indexed 255 airings (68 channels) [0s fetch, 1s index]
2017/11/27 09:44:35 [DVR] indexed 19 movies (8 channels) [0s fetch, 0s index]
2017/11/27 09:44:38 [IDX] Pruned 0 expired groups from USA-FL61795-X in 4.105886ms.
2017/11/27 09:44:40 [DVR] Rule ‘NBC 2 News Today Sunday 6A’ found 1 new airings
2017/11/27 09:44:40 [DVR] queued recording job 1513508400-3 (SH014985810000-1513508400)
2017/11/27 09:44:40 [DVR] Waiting 20h15m19.183657032s until next job 1511866800-2 NBC 2 News Today at 6am
2017/11/27 09:44:47 [IDX] Pruned 3182 expired airings from USA-FL61795-X in 9.143124632s.
2012/12/31 19:00:31 [SYS] Starting Channels DVR v2017.11.16.0140 (android-arm64) in /mnt/expand/c2f9a076-a5eb-41f8-8e76-37e4f29c6b8b/user/0/
2012/12/31 19:00:31 [HDR] Found 0 devices
2012/12/31 19:00:31 [ERR] Failed to refresh auth: Post dial tcp: lookup No address associated with hostname
2012/12/31 19:00:31 [SYS] Started HTTP Server
2012/12/31 19:00:31 [DVR] Recording engine started in /storage/B0CA-2A28/NVIDIA_SHIELD/Channels
2012/12/31 19:00:31 [SYS] Bonjour service running for dvr-shield.local. []
2012/12/31 19:00:31 [ERR] Failed to start fakejour: listen udp setsockopt: no such device
2012/12/31 19:00:31 [SYS] Error checking for update: Get dial tcp: lookup No address associated with hostname
2012/12/31 19:00:32 [SYS] Created database snapshot: backup-20121231.190031
2017/11/28 11:48:10 [SYS] Starting Channels DVR v2017.11.16.0140 (android-arm64) in /mnt/expand/c2f9a076-a5eb-41f8-8e76-37e4f29c6b8b/user/0/
2017/11/28 11:48:11 [HDR] Found 1 devices
2017/11/28 11:48:12 [SYS] Started HTTP Server
2017/11/28 11:48:18 [DVR] Recording engine started in /storage/B0CA-2A28/NVIDIA_SHIELD/Channels
2017/11/28 11:48:18 [SYS] Bonjour service running for dvr-shield.local. []
2017/11/28 11:48:18 [DVR] Deleting expired job 1511866800-2 NBC 2 News Today at 6am
2017/11/28 11:48:18 [DVR] Waiting 18h11m41.866799071s until next job 1511953200-2 NBC 2 News Today at 6am
2017/11/28 11:48:18 [SYS] Created database snapshot: backup-20171128.114818
2017/11/28 11:48:18 [SYS] Removing old backup backup-20121231.190031
2017/11/29 12:49:31 [SYS] Starting Channels DVR v2017.11.16.0140 (android-arm64) in /mnt/expand/c2f9a076-a5eb-41f8-8e76-37e4f29c6b8b/user/0/
2017/11/29 12:49:31 [HDR] Found 1 devices
2017/11/29 12:49:32 [SYS] Started HTTP Server
2017/11/29 12:49:41 [DVR] Recording engine started in /storage/B0CA-2A28/NVIDIA_SHIELD/Channels
2017/11/29 12:49:41 [SYS] Bonjour service running for dvr-shield.local. []
2017/11/29 12:49:41 [DVR] Deleting expired job 1511953200-2 NBC 2 News Today at 6am
2017/11/29 12:49:41 [DVR] Waiting 17h10m18.339801729s until next job 1512039600-2 NBC 2 News Today at 6am
2017/11/29 12:49:41 [SYS] Created database snapshot: backup-20171129.124941
2017/11/29 12:49:41 [SYS] Removing old backup backup-20171030.193827
2017/11/29 12:50:01 [IDX] Pruned 3664 expired airings from USA-FL61795-X in 10.060171351s.
2017/11/30 12:21:57 [SYS] Starting Channels DVR v2017.11.16.0140 (android-arm64) in /mnt/expand/c2f9a076-a5eb-41f8-8e76-37e4f29c6b8b/user/0/
2017/11/30 12:21:58 [HDR] Found 1 devices
2017/11/30 12:21:59 [SYS] Started HTTP Server
2017/11/30 12:22:07 [DVR] Recording engine started in /storage/B0CA-2A28/NVIDIA_SHIELD/Channels
2017/11/30 12:22:07 [SYS] Bonjour service running for dvr-shield.local. []
2017/11/30 12:22:07 [DVR] Deleting expired job 1512039600-2 NBC 2 News Today at 6am
2017/11/30 12:22:07 [DVR] Waiting 17h37m52.066944749s until next job 1512126000-2 NBC 2 News Today at 6am
2017/11/30 12:22:07 [SYS] Created database snapshot: backup-20171130.122207
2017/11/30 12:22:07 [SYS] Removing old backup backup-20171031.193827
2017/11/30 12:22:27 [IDX] Pruned 3454 expired airings from USA-FL61795-X in 9.594766351s.


As it appears that the Nvidia Shield is still not capable of reliably running the Channels DVR, I have given up again.

Today, I loaded Channels, Emby and MrMC apps. Previously, I had purposely limited the Shield to only running Channels DVR during testing.

Of course, Channels is my number one choice for playback (love commskip), however on the Nvidia Shield (Android) we have no way of finding movies/shows unless we keep scrolling & scrolling & scrolling. An alpha sort would solve this problem, but so far Channels only lists recordings in date recorded order.

Emby takes too long to load shows/movies, so I tried MrMC as a player (good experience running this on my ATVs with Emby (as a media manager) and as the backend. Can aggregate Channels and all other DVR recordings with posters, detailed & extensive media info, etc.

MrMC (used Lite for testing) loads shows quickly, and has decent ffd/rew controls, so we will be using the Emby/MrMC combo for playing all files on the Shield until needed additional features are added to the Channels Shield App.


It really is frustrating, as on paper the Nvidia Shield TV should be the ideal TV server. I should add that, in frustration, I tried installing Linux for Tegra on the Shield. It took a while to install, and while this did work it was crippled by weak support for video encoding. Specifically, there is no way to compile ffmpeg , which Channels DVR uses, to use the hardware encoding capability. In short, it’s not terrible, but transcoding takes a long time and live streaming is out, and so you might as well use an ~$100 ARM board from another supplier.

The only code that could theoretically do the job, gstreamer, which can work with the closed source binaries provided by Nvidia, was extremely difficult to set up and ended up becoming a huge time sync. Allegedly it’s easier with an official Jetson development kit (mostly the same hardware as the Shield TV), but even then you’d have to implement some sort of translation from ffmpeg tog streamer commands, or ask the Channels DVR team to support gstreamer as an alternative.

So personally I switched back to my RK3399 development board running ubuntu, accepted the limitation of overnight software transcoding and dropping it into Plex, and I’m hoping that ffmpeg will eventually support hardware encoding due to the open source nature of the drivers. RK3399 boards are rapidly coming down in price, and so once that occurs I suspect they’ll be the Channels DVR platform of choice for budget tinkerers.


I am curious about anyone else’s experience with trying the DVR on the Shield device. Is it stable enough for general use or does it have issues that would annoy someone trying to use it as their production DVR?

I am currently have the DVR on my Windows 10 PC and I have had no issues at all, but I would love to achieve retiring the PC and moving over to using just the Shield device for recording and also for storing my Bluray rips for use in MrMC or Kodi.

With my experience on Windows 10 and the comskip function I would be all set as my main usage of a DVR is the ability to skip through commercials and that experience has been rock solid for me so far on my current setup.

I could easily move my files over to a 3.0 USB drive and have just one device to deal with.

If it isn’t very stable, could a Dev give any highlight on whether the DVR portion is currently being worked on? The Android TV App is really awesome at the moment.



Sorry, I haven’t tested this config since last Dec. as in the interim, my low powered Qnap 251A has been fantastic for serving files…as I only needed a 1-2 stream for 1080i mpeg 2 and/or mpeg4 H.264.

I would also like to run Channels DVR on Shield rather than Qnap, hence your post has inspired me to try again…Note: be sure you have Shield 6.3 experience loaded on Shield. Possible roadblock for me is having only 2015 Non-Pro version. Nvidia Shield can have problems on storage.

As the Shield is probably better for transcoding than my Qnap…and will possibly be a benefit when using Channels Web UI…I will go ahead and test again. Hate to interrupt an almost perfect solution (especially since recent .edl file inclusion) due to positive response and efforts by @tmm1 and @maddox (Channels Developers) , but I can always revert.

Good luck with your testing, both of us (and others) will benefit from posting our respective experiences. Really want to find a niche use for this Shield as it’s been a complete bust, especially since my original purchase was prompted by SD postings re: Android DRM which hasn’t evolved. Thought the addition of .edl function on Channels was going to be a valid reason, but once @timstephens24 pointed out MrMC .edl compatibility, I found that the Shield was again an unnecessary client…Our ATV’s are all now running MrMC…no need to run Shield simultaneously :grinning:. My only complaint with Kodi and MrMC is both require separate setups on every client…no universal data set.


Do you know (or anyone?) if it is possible to run two instances of the DVR on the same network? If so I can test it on the Shield for a few days and see how it does without messing up the Windows 10 setup.

I have a different scenario where I don’t have an Apple environment at all. I have two Shield devices (one in the Living room - Pro version and one upstairs in the bedroom - 16 gb version) and my HTPC with Emby and now the Channels DVR.

It has been a desire of mine to do away with HTPC but my biggest usage scenario is watching DVR’ed shows and skipping through commercials on a .ts or .mpeg file with Emby or Kodi is VERY slow. Doing it in the Channels App and even when I used the Silcondust DVR for a while skipping was fast in their app as well. But the Silicondust UI is so bad it isn’t useful to me to use by itself. I also have a need to use which Kodi handles easily.

When I was using just Emby for a while I had to setup MCEBuddy to change the .ts files to MKV so I could skip through commercials without the slowness.

The Channels App is by far my best solution I have found so far so I don’t need the other 3rd party solutions. However, Kodi allows me to watch my ripped movies and ripped TV shows in one App whereas I can’t do that in the Channels App or Silicondust app.

Wow, I just realized this post is very long. I digress…


A year ago, I ran 2 instances of the Channels DVR simultaneously. Only problems were:

  1. Had to micro manage future recordings to ensure no conflicts as I only had 1 prime for production system and testing.
  2. When using Channels (iOS, tvOS or web UI) for playback it was hit or miss as to which installation would be dominant (due to Bonjour). At times I had to disable bonjour on 1 or the other in order to view/playback. As you are currently using MrMC/Kodi for your current playback, I wouldn’t anticipate the same problem.

Haven’t used so cannot speak to it’s compatibility. However, I am using MrMc/Kodi to additionally watch non Channels recordings (ripped/other DVR)…good ffd. Plex was awful for ffd on my underpowered equipment.


You can, just turn off Bonjour on your test instance so all your devices will see the real DVR.

If you set Channels to save the EDL files next to the videos, Kodi should automagically skip. No need to use MCEBuddy or anything, even though they’re mpg files. And yeah, the Trakt integration is nice, I use it as well in Kodi, MrMC, or Infuse to keep everything I watch in sync.

Yeah definitely. For recording TV Shows or watching Live TV and those recordings Channels makes, Channels is the best. If you want an interface to show EVERYTHING like movies you’re ripped, Channel’s isn’t it, but like you I generally go with Kodi (or it’s forks like MrMC on the Apple TV).


Thanks for the reply. I think I am going to setup a 2nd DVR and test it out. As per the poster below you I can turn off Bonjour on that instance and on the Shield I can use regular Kodi just for that DVR and keep using MrMC with my production DVR.


Wow, great data here to get me going. As per my other post I will setup that 2nd DVR and turn off Bonjour on that one.

Yeah, using the skip function with the edl files I think is going to “ruin” me from using other services! lol


Oh, I wanted to ask one other thing - If my Shield testing proves out to be workable and I decide to move over to that platform, can I move my existing recordings currently on the Windows 10 machine over to the Shield and the Channels app will pick them up without issue?


You can move the current active DVR data over and do a restore if testing is good, but you will lose the existing shield recordings done during testing. I suggest you either record shows on both DVRs, or record off-peak stuff you don’t want to keep on the Shield for testing.


Thanks for the reply.

Yeah, I am currently just recording a bunch of different shows to test out the Shield recording ability. My main shows don’t come on until tonight. I mostly record prime time type stuff.

So far the recordings are going just fine. If I feel comfortable moving over to the Shield exclusively I have two 8 TB external drives that I am not using yet that I can connect. For testing right now I am just recording to the Shield’s internal hard drive (Pro version).


Testing against the external drives will be good. I don’t have a shield, but it seems from comments here and at SD boards that people have trouble with adding drives.
It’s good to hear it’s goong well so far.


Test it over a week and see what happens. Schedule recordings a few days out and see what happens. All my testing with the Shield DVR in the past the first day or two worked fine, but there were errors on day 3 or 4 that would make me have to manually go in and close/restart the DVR on the Shield.