New computer

You can try typing c:\dvr into start menu and see if it opens up

so I go into pic of windows and search? if so nothing comes up

now what

The DVR folder is on the C:\ drive, so it should show up when you look there. You need to find it and move it. I don't use Windows myself so I'm not sure how to help further.

well that's not computer stupid and I have no idea where to look that's why I'm asking the experts!

If you take some screenshots maybe we can see what's wrong. Usually you open File Explorer then you can type c:\ at the top and it should show all your directories. Or you type c:\dvr and it opens the directory.

Sorry that grazsix is struggling with this, I hope they got it worked out.

I have to say, moving CDVR server from one Windows PC to another Windows PC on my network was one of the most painless computer operations I've ever witnessed. I just followed the directions in this thread, sat back, and followed on-screen instructions from the software. It took just a few minutes.

If you have a custom comskip.ini file that you had copied to the data directory, remember to move that before the uninstall on the old computer.

Can’t I just delete it off one computer and add to the new computer? I do t mind starting from scratch


Yes you can run the installer on both machines. On the old one select uninstall, on the new one select install and then login with your account.

I think it’s installed but no guide shows up on main tv, and can’t record

On either tv

Does it show guide data on the laptop?

if you mean does it show across the top of computer (guide, settings, dvr, recordings.... then yes

If you click Guide at the top does it show proper data for your channels?

it only names the channels and under the current time, nothing under any other time

no show names

On the Settings tab you need to fix the guide data. If I remember correctly you have a PRIME with FIOS?

Click the trash can icon under your HDHR and then re-enter your zipcode and select FIOS not Local Broadcast.

its downloading hopefully i did it right, yes prime with fios

they are there, yay!