New feature you should add

Hello everyone, I am a customer for more than 3+ years and I can say this is the best streaming service I ever had. Not only the UI design is really authentic and smooth, but also the functionality on how you’re able to integrate other live streaming services such as DirectTV, Dish, Sling, etc on a single platform where I can watch it without having going to third party apps.

I have a suggestion…. It would be great if you can add a feature where you can integrate streaming services like Disney+, HBO MAX, Netflix, etc on this platform to watch on this stock video player without having to go third party apps.

Thank you for your time reading on this.
Sincerely, your biggest fan, FAiZY

You can use PlayOn Cloud

  1. Channels uses its own video player, not the stock/native player that the OS provides.
  2. Using Stream Links you can place references to items in streaming apps and have them show up in Channels' own library.
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Would I be able to create custom live TV guide with playon could ?

PlayOn cloud records on demand content from the services you listed. Once recorded, it would end up in your library just like your other recordings.

I record a show on playon cloud and integrate it with channels, but it doesn’t show the thumbnail, what can I do to fix it?

Find it on web UI and click Fix Match

Can I use Stream Links with Virtual Channels ?


FWIW you asked the same question two weeks ago, and it was answered:

Note however that this refers to Stream Links only.

The newly supported STRM files, on the other hand, do work with Virtual Channels. At least on tvOS right now...